In this modern world of technology, we usually listen to the word that is Cyber Security. Whether you are a child, a teenager, an adult, or belong to the middle age group.

Every person is concerned about cyber security. And why shouldn’t you? When countries are competing with each other to become more advanced.

Cyber Security plays a very vital role in the process of development. In this article, we will discuss both advantages and disadvantages of cyber security.

So before going further, let us know about the basic term first-

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What is Cyber Security?

The process of defending or protecting digital data from various cyber threats and networks is known as Cyber Security.

In today’s world, data can be stored in any form and virtual form is usually preferred nowadays as it offers maximum convenience. But with convenience comes a number of cyber threats, which can even make you bankrupt.

One can easily tell how important is cyber security by knowing the fact that the social media accounts of rich celebrities are hacked. Why? To know their personal information, their contacts, recent developments, and whatnot.

So cyber security is a whole process by which you can safeguard your electronic devices as well as your virtual information. It is a technology that uses different methods by professionals so that the malware and threats can be kept far away.

Key principles of Cyber Security

Cyber Security awareness becomes important especially if you are mostly engaged in the virtual world. and love spending time online. Here are four basic principles of Cyber security that you need to know-

Risk Management

Risk Management is a process that plays an important role in different organizations. When everything in the organization is kept in order, risk management comes into place. It is advisable for every organization to form a committee specially made for risk management.

So that confidential information can be saved from outside threats. The management should be done in such a manner that proper decisions can be made, and an expert panel can be set up.

Network Security

Network security becomes important when there are a lot of insecure networks out there.  and the malware spreads like fire from those networks. The proper focus should be there while using different networks. And expert knowledge when given adds the advantages of Cyber security.

Malware Prevention

While using the internet from different browsers. it becomes very important to protect whichever device you are using from different malware. Malware can come very easily through the internet and can corrupt the entire window of the computer. One should install a good quality antivirus to protect the device from this malware.

Secure Configuration

Various policies should be maintained by the organization. so that the configuration can be secured and the workings can be done without threat. The importance of cyber security should be known by every member of the organization.

Security Beyond Firewall

The classic firewalls that scan up to four layers for data are good. But the advancement of technology needs the advancement of protection measures. One should make sure that he is using appropriate protection coverage for your computer or not.

User Education and Awareness

We all know that prevention is better than cure. When we are priorly aware of the users about the measures that should be taken to prevent the data. The chances of cyber threats will automatically be reduced. That is why proper education, especially to the younger population about cyber security should be given.

Advantages Of Cyber Security

Advantages Of Cyber Security

Now that you know what cyber security is, let us go further to know what are the different advantages of cyber security and why one should need it.

Protecting personal data as well as confidential data. has become very important in this advancing world of technology. Maximum cybercrimes occur in the Indo- Pacific region.

As there is a large number of people who are tech enthusiasts. They tend to learn everything from the basics of technology to its advancement of it.

And then because of unemployment and poverty, they start using their knowledge in doing these mal activities. That is the reason why knowing about cyber security becomes very important.

  • To preserve your system from the hacking method, cyber security is needed.
  • Data theft is a common term used in a day to day life. Cyber security, when taken care of, can protect one’s data from theft and can save personal information.
  • By promoting security policies, and taking care of the network you are using, you are protecting the confidentiality of data. We do not need to explain how important the security of data is.
  • You are defended from critical cyberattacks with the help of cyber security.
  • You can browse any website without any fear of theft and malware in networks. Cyber security takes care of everything.
  • The incoming, as well as outgoing data, is well preserved with the help of internet security measures.
  • When updated regularly, the internet security agents work very well. and keep protecting your personal computer from any type of threat.

Disadvantages of Cyber Security

We all know that where there are advantages to anything, there must be some negative points that also make a person think twice about it. When you try to protect your data from outside threats you need a firewall.

When you install a firewall on your computer, difficulty in its configuration of it may arise. When this type of situation arises, the process of security hinders in between. That is why the installation process should be done correctly. Below are the disadvantages of cyber security –

  • The configuration laws of firewalls are difficult to understand. And that makes it difficult to configure it.
  • It can also make the security of the system sometimes too weak or too high.
  • When we talk about the cost of it, then it actually becomes an expensive process for normal people.
  • Not every person can understand the rules of a firewall.

These disadvantages of cyber security make it sometimes impossible for people. to implement on a daily basis to protect their data.

Google Cyber Security

Google has a different cyber security culture that makes the use of it safe and secure. Starting from the hiring process of employees in Google, they take on cyber security while training and internships.

The organization first checks the background of the employee before hiring him. They first confirm their education, criminal records, credit records etc. The process enables them to get to know the employee so that they can protect the user’s data from them.

If still someone gets into any problem or becomes a victim of cybercrime, he or she can report him on google. Also, they must report the incident to the cyber police in their area.

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What are the Disadvantages of Cyber Safety?

Although there are more advantages than disadvantages of cyber safety. But configuration laws of firewalls are difficult to understand. And that makes it difficult to configure it. It can also make the security of the system sometimes too weak or too high. Some of the disadvantages are given below.

  • Installing the firewalls is not easy at all, so incorrect configuration can also happen.
  • The wrong firewall configuration can block the users from some actions on the internet until you configure it correctly.
  • It can also make your system very slow.
  • You also have to keep up to date with all software in order to prevent any security breaches. 
  • It can also be very expensive for normal users.

What are the Disadvantages of Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is that evil in this digital world that can ruin the lives of people. When proper focus on cyber security is not maintained cybercrime can take place.

A number of criminals are sitting behind the doors who are ready to loot your important data of yours. That is the reason why cyber safety plays an important role. below are some of the main disadvantages of cybercrime.

  • A security breach that leads to a data leak can lead to a breach of privacy, theft of information, and misuse of your data.
  • This can result in a loss of data which can result in a loss for a business.
  • Network security threats are a major concern for everyone who uses the internet.


Almost everything has become digital nowadays. From education to entertainment, from banking to medical inquiries, you can do anything and everything on a digital basis. And as we know that everything on this earth has its own pros and cons for making the balance. The same applies to cyber security.

Here we have talked about the advantages of cybersecurity and why cyber security is needed. When we discuss it on a broad basis, there is always a chance of data theft from military organizations. Confidential information is kept there, and hackers from enemy countries always try to get to know about that data.

And there comes cyber security which acts as a defender of the important data of our precious organizations.


What are the effects of cybersecurity?

The protection of personal data, as well as confidential data, has become very important in this advancing world of technology. When your data is secured you can work more efficiently and effectively without any fear from the outside world.

What are the 3 major types of cyber security?

Talking about the types of cyber security then below are some of the 3 major types of cyber security. Getting to know them becomes so important they play a vital role in day-to-day life.

  • Network Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Application Security