Best Chrome Extension to Download Videos: Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used browser options that offer users a wide range of internet-related activities globally.

Whether it is about gaming or streaming, one can easily enjoy everything here. It is a default browser for most in How to Save a Gmail Email in PDF Format internet users.

Being internet users we often find a wide range of watchable resources on Chrome every day, but do we all have to succeed in watching those videos exactly at that time? Surely not.

Video Downloader is the Chrome extension that offers users the freedom of downloading videos from different websites.

The recent update of Google Chrome and changes in program policy has put on great barriers for the users. The worst thing about these updates or changes is that you prevent browser extensions from downloading YouTube videos anytime. But if you are willing to play and download the same videos in some other format, you can do it effortlessly.

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The guide is being designed to provide you with absolute information about one of the leading Video Downloaders for Chrome.

The options we are going to provide you below will support a wide range of websites hosting videos and one can easily use it for downloading or saving the preferable video anytime.

The leading names in the series are:

Video Downloader Plus

Video Downloader Plus

Video Downloader Plus is an absolute video downloader extension for chrome that enables the task of video downloading quite conveniently.

The chrome extension scans for the different websites automatically and extracts the downloadable videos for you quite conveniently.

You don’t need to check out the related videos here and there as the chrome extension perfectly organizes and lists up all of them under the icon perfectly.

Users are here free to play the preferable videos one by one and can also download them all in a single click as per their preferences.

Video downloader Plus has made it easier for users to access all video hosting websites except YouTube. Users are free to select the output video and can also download hundreds of videos from a wide range of streaming websites just within a few seconds. Video Downloader Plus is well known for its fast access.

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Web for Instagram

Web for Instagram

Web for Instagram is a fantastic extension for Google Chrome that has made it easier for users to download Instagram images and videos quite conveniently.

Once you have downloaded this extension on your chrome, it will automatically add up a download icon on your Instagram content.

You can easily tap on that button for downloading the respective files to your computer system effortlessly.

Whether you are willing to create a view of the different Instagram stories effortlessly or you have to upload or download the preferable photos or videos, everything can be done easily now without having any issues.

Moreover, this wonderful chrome extension also offers users the freedom to send direct messages through your browser extension effortlessly.

Web for Instagram is an essential and powerful tool that has helped Instagram users in boosting up their overall user experience while using through a desktop.

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Video Downloader Professional

Video Downloader Professional

Video Downloader Professional is one of the leading and most popular Chrome extensions that has eased up the ways of video downloading to a greater extent.

The chrome extension does come up with a very easy-to-go interface that one can easily use for adding videos to their playing list.

Once you have added that video to your playing list, you can easily watch that on your desktop or can also use the Google Chrome-cast option for watching it on your TV.

Video Downloader Professional creates the video list perfectly on your Chrome and that makes it easier for the users to watch out for their saved contents anytime anywhere they want without making a check into the original page.

The best thing about this Chrome downloader extension is that it offers users the freedom of downloading video content from a vast range of web resources.

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Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro is a wonderful chrome extension for all those who are looking forward to downloading different videos in multiple format outputs.

This leading Chrome extension for video downloading makes it easier for the users to download videos for the majority of the video content on different online platforms.

Whether it is about Facebook or you have to download videos from YouTube or Vimeo app, this tool works efficiently.

The Video Downloader Pro is designed in such a way that it perfectly identifies the running videos on your browser and makes it easier for you to download them just within one click.

It is a free and ads-free best chrome extension to download videos that offer users the freedom of recording live videos and can also download videos in batches for saving much of your time.

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Video Downloader for Web

Video Downloader for Web

This video downloader extension for chrome is specially designed for all those who are looking for a source that they can use for saving the website’s videos on a local drive.

Coming up with a wide range of advanced features, this chrome extension eased up different tasks of yours quite conveniently.

Right from saving a website’s videos to a local drive to providing support to HTTPS Live Streaming, there is a wide range of options that you can do with this extension effortlessly.

Users of Video Downloader for Web can efficiently control multiple downloads and can also filter the different videos as per their preferences.

It is a wonderful extension that offers years the opportunity of customizing the interface. You can easily convert saved videos to other formats without any hassle.

Moreover, the extension also offers users the opportunity of naming the saved video files, and you can also use it for adding a website to the blacklist for hiding ads from videos.

It is one of the most compatible and reliable video download extensions for Chrome that you can use effortlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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