Are you running a small business? If yes, we are here with the 9 best cloud backup solutions for you.

Running a business successfully has never been so easy. Different things block up one’s way anytime if not being handled perfectly. The essential thing that you need to check out is the data.

Data security is playing a vital role in any business. Whether it is about business files or the records of payments, one needs to be quite specific and careful throughout.

This article will provide you with efficient information so that you could easily get the best cloud backup solutions for your small business and save your data quite conveniently.

cloud storage service for small business

We will provide you with the different services here that ensure users have high-standard securities so that they could easily secure their most valuable asset perfectly.

Along with it, the 9 best cloud backup solutions for small businesses we are going to provide you here are fast, affordable, includes an excellent user interface, support automatic uploads, great customer care services and include good storage capacity as well.

So, stay connected with us to explore the world of opportunities.

Why Pick Cloud Backup Solutions For Businesses?

Before making the selection, a person must get absolute information related to cloud backup solutions and why these are quite necessary.

The reasons behind the cloud backup might be multiple. Before proceeding further, just answer my question.

How will you feel, when you accidentally lose the data you have worked on throughout your project?

Quite pathetic, right?

cloud storage software for small business

Whether it is through natural disasters, hardware or human malfunction or it is about virus attacks, we tend to lose some important data due to certain reasons.

A perfect cloud backup for a business not only helps users in getting access to valuable data in any scenario. It not only ensures the safety of the files but also makes it quite easier for the users to access data from any place at any time they want.

The only thing that one needs to work on here is to update your data and backup files regularly, that’s it.

Cloud backup solutions provide users with a perfect way to quickly recover deleted data. The introduction of cloud backup solutions has made it quite easier for users not to rely on additional storage spaces.

Moreover, the local storage options are a bit costlier and need to have a dedicated system for absolute backup.

Saving backup on local physical devices such as DVDs, external hard divers, USB drives, and much more has become outdated now.

Cloud backup solutions are smart backup solutions that save you from the headache of storing different storage devices and their carriage. Just make a secure login to your cloud services and get access to the data stored, from any part of the world effortlessly now.

Best Cloud Backup Services For Small Business

1# Backblaze

Backblaze cloud backup for small business

Backblaze is one of the finest cloud backup solutions for all entrepreneurs who are looking forward to unlimited storage at affordable pricing.

The backup solution does come up with a very simple and easy web interface that one can easily handle for restoring a backup.

The best thing about Backblaze is its security. The platform ensures the most secure connections throughout while uploading encrypted data on the server.

This cloud backup solution does come up in two plans and that is Business and personal.

One can easily get different types of subscriptions including NAS, Computer, VEEAM, and Server whereas the personal plan comes with unlimited storage space.

It is one of the most secure platforms that allow your encryption keys.


  • Ensured 2-factor authentication for secure connection
  • Private security key
  • 15 days free trial option
  • Unlimited storage option
  • Supported physical mailed drive
  • Different user-based subscription options


  • Works only for a single device

2# IDrive

i drive backup for business

IDrive is another best cloud backup services to use. The backup solution can be efficiently run on the computer systems running on Windows from 2000 onwards.

The platform provides absolute support to Windows plus, Mac support, Android and iOS mobile clients, Linux backup scripts, Microsoft SQL, Exchange, Oracle, SharePoint, etc.

The backup solution does come up with 250GN baseline storage, and that may sometimes not be quite enough for small businesses.

The best thing about this wonderful cloud backup solution is its hybrid backup support. The backup solution can effectively save some files locally and that makes it more convenient to make the selection part.

One can easily get access to their preferable data using a web interface once it gets online. IDrive ensures quick backing up and restoring of the system through a physically shipped drive.


  • Covers a wide range of platforms efficiently
  • Versatile cloud backup solution
  • Quick backing up services
  • Provides support to different platforms
  • Includes a straightforward and web-based console


  • The baseline storage limits up to 250GB only

3# Crashplan

Crashplan cloud backup

Crashplan is also the best leading cloud backup solution for your business at the cost of 10$ per month.

It is one of the finest cloud backup solutions that offers high-standard encryption technology for securing your valuable data from unauthorized access.

The platform is featured with a file retention feature that makes it easier for the users to stay connected with the deleted files as per their preferences.

Moreover, one can even create copies of the original data while continuing the backup services in the background.

The best thing about this wonderful cloud backup solution is that it does not affect the overall performance of your computer system.

The Crashplan does come up with a 30 days free trial option that makes it easier for the users to check it thoroughly before investing in it. The only drawback of this platform is that it provides single device backup.


  • Simple and easy web interface
  • 30 days free trial option
  • Unlimited storage option
  • Quick backing up
  • Provides support for primary operating systems
  • Dedicated customer support


  • Only supports a single device

4# NordLocker

NordLocker cloud backup

In case you are looking forward to a cloud backup solution for securing and syncing files efficiently. It is one of the safest backup solutions that one can easily access free of cost.

One doesn’t need to worry about decrypting their files as everything file here is being secured with a master password.

The best thing about this cloud backup solution is that you don’t need to think about your limit here on the amount of local encryption

For enjoying the premium services here one has to pay out about $7.99 per month or $47.88 annually. These packages usually bring up 500GB of secure cloud storage and that is fairly generous to have on.

If we talk about the usage, the web interface it includes is quite simple and easy to go on.


  • Secure cloud backup solution
  • Slick and simple web interface
  • Great value for money option
  • Quick encryption on local files
  • Free for local files


  • Storage space in free plan is quite limited

5# Acronis Cyber Backup

Acronis Cyber Backup for small business

Adding one another wonderful name into the list of best cloud backup solutions for small businesses, Acronis Cyber Backup is a name that will ease up things for you.

It is one of the finest cloud backup solutions available in the marketplace. The platform is quite efficient in keeping backup of multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, and much more efficiently.

It is one of the most trusted and tested options on the list, that offers multiple different solutions. 

If you are looking forward to a potential business tool for hooking up the backup of extensive size data for your small business, Acronis Cyber Backup is a wonderful option you can trust upon.

The backup solution enables users to take the local backup and the cloud backup efficiently. The solution offers complete protection against data loss on the cloud as well as local storage.

The best thing about this wonderful cloud backup solution is that it provides absolute control over quickly setting up the backup data. One can now easily keep their data safe from all types of viruses, malware infections, and ransomware attacks.


  • Absolutely strong security
  • Works efficiently on multiple solutions
  • Quick setting up the backup data
  • Provides daily reports on the account
  • Backup data both locally and remotely


  • A bit complex for beginners

6# pCloud

pCloud cloud backup solutions for small business

pCloud is a sterling backup solution that provides a lifetime subscription to the users. Here you can check out that the folders and files can choose from the device and get backed to the cloud which will be synced over in real-time.

The best thing about this cloud service is that if you make any changes there in your files and folders on your devices, it will automatically update the user that you have stored in your cloud account.

Well, the deleted files move toward the cloud trash folder which gets stripped after 30 days automatically. It is a cross-platform option that works well on different platforms such as desktop, and mobile devices


  • Does not impose any file size limits
  • Featured with extended file history
  • Automatic backing up service of the cloud and sync files
  • Easy web interface
  • Affordable pricing
  • Works efficiently on desktop, mobile, and web clients


  • Does not include any collaboration features

7# Solarwinds

Solarwinds small business cloud backup

The solar wind is an option for all who are looking for the best cloud backup solutions for businesses.

It is a versatile cloud backup solution that comes up with several tools for easing up the different related tasks. If we talk about the web interface, the application is featured with a simple and easy-to-use dashboard that makes the process quite quick and easy

Moreover, the tools that come up in Solarwind are quite straightforward and easily configured and that makes it quite easier for the users to work on effeminately without considering the installation of any management software for setting up.

Solar wind is featured rapid recovery technology that one can easily use for taking or restoring the existing Backup very quickly and easily.


  • Does not include any deletion policy
  • Featured with simple and quick configuration
  • Includes very simple admin navigation dashboard
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comes up with 30 days free trial option
  • Ensured rapid restore technique


  • Does not include any data centralization

8# Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business cloud backup

If you are currently looking forward to huge cloud storage provisions, Dropbox Business is a wonderful option you could opt-in.

This cloud backup solution supports both individuals and businesses.

Dropbox Business comes up with an extensive storage option where one can easily get a storage capacity of about 5T even with the basic plan

The cloud backup solution features the single admin login along with other features such as 180 days data retention, control over user permissions, watermarking, file locking, and 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption.

The platform offers a combination of tools and storage which makes it even more convenient to use.


  • Ensured unlimited storage capacity
  • Featured with a wide range of tools
  • Absolute storage along with syncing
  • Versatile usage
  • Single admin login


  • Pricing is a bit higher

9# Carbonite

Carbonite cloud backup services

It is another finest cloud backup solutions for small businesses.

The platform comes up with a wide range of features including endpoint, backup for office 365, availability, carbonite recovery, server, carbonite migration, and much more.

The cloud backup solution does come up with two plans for the users to choose from and that is basic computer backup at the cost of 24$ per month and Advanced endpoint protection cloud backup at the cost of 34$ per month

It is a featured loaded cloud backup solution where one can easily get a vast range of services such as ransomware attack recovery, 128-bit encryptions, and much more at an easier end.

Whereas one can easily enjoy 256-bit protocol, office 365 support, global duplication, and much more on advanced endpoint protection.

One can now easily transfer data securely to the cloud and provide absolute support to private encryption keys with Carbonite now.

Before leading further just keep in mind Carbonite only supports Windows 10 and macOS only and does not suit the requirements of smartphones.


  • Unlimited storage option
  • Private encryption key
  • Responsible customer support
  • Automatic backup option
  • Easy data transfer 


  • Only suits to the environment of a PC or laptop

FAQs – Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

Q. How much does cloud backup cost?

The overall costing of cloud backup depends upon the different service providers and the packaging they are offering. One can easily get a cloud backup solution from 60$ to 100$ annually. Devices supporting and amount of storage are the main things that affect the overall costing of the cloud backup services.

Q. What is the best backup solution for a small business?

We can call a backup solution the best one that can efficiently provide you the best results while keeping the budget at the low end. The top 3 best backup solutions for a small business are:

  1. Backblaze
  2. Crashplan
  3. Acronis Cyber Backup

Q. Is cloud storage beneficial for small businesses?

Cloud storage makes it easier for entrepreneurs to get access to the different tools, programs, and applications efficiently from anywhere and when they need them. It is not only an affordable solution for running a small business efficiently but convenient as well. 

Q. How do I back up my small business data?

One can use cloud backup solutions for back up data of the small businesses efficiently. As the demand for backup solutions has been raised rapidly in the last few years, different service providers have been launched with different packaging options. One can easily go through the different solutions and can figure out their preferences first, before leading ahead with the final selection.

Q. What is the purpose of cloud backup software?

The cloud backup service is the service that backs up and stores the related data and applications of a business server on the remote server.

Cloud services make it easy for businesses to keep files and data readily available in case of system failure, outages, or natural disasters.

Q. How do I back up my data to the cloud?

Backing up data on the cloud is not a big deal. One just has to select the related service provider and once done then has to go to the Settings option followed by Help & Settings > Backup tab > Manage backup. Once done, a new window will open up on your device showing up your backed-up Desktop, documents, and picture folders.


So, Guys! These are the 9 best cloud backup solutions for small businesses. Running a small business successfully has no longer remained a headache now.

One can now easily access different files and can work on them at their convenience without even approaching the workplace. The best thing that these cloud backup solutions have provided users is the security of data.