When you use Discord on your device, the best feature that discord provides is the attractive themes that convince us to use it more and more. Be it a server or your status on discord, customization of everything is in your own hands. In this article, we will get to know how we can get the best Discord server theme ideas.

Everyone likes beautiful or aesthetic things. And when it comes to using social media platforms, people become more excited when they see attractive servers. This feature for customizing your server is given in Discord only and can make your account exquisite.

So let us get to know about those 6 fantastic discord themes for your server that can give your server a brand new look.

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The Best 8 Discord Server Theme Ideas to Apply

Remember when you used to add different themes on your mobile screens or desktop home screen as you get bored with the same theme easily? 

The same scenario follows with your discord server and its audience. When the facility of customizing the server is given in Discord then why not use it in a meaningful and effective manner?

Space Theme

If you are a space enthusiast and love everything related to space then this space theme is exclusively made for you. You will find so many different celestial bodies in this theme.

Such as planets, moons, asteroids, supernovas, and of course the Sun. For making it more interesting you can give names to moderators and members that are related to space.

The emojis related to space are also there which can give your server a whole new look.

Mythical Castel Theme

If you are an enthusiast of mythical stories and love listening to stories that are related to fairytales, Gods, ancient myths, and like these. Then this Mythical castle theme is made for you.

You will find so many types of castles in this theme that provides you with a whole different look for your server.

 So if you are looking for mythical Discord server theme ideas, You do not have to anywhere. You can find related themes in the browser also.

Themes include beautiful gardens, caves made of rock, oceans and so many beautiful things.

Ocean Theme

Want to show some serenity on your server? The ocean theme is here for you. It will give your server a peaceful look that will attract a peace-loving audience.

The theme includes oceanic plants and fishes. Different creatures that you can find in the oceans are included in this theme which attracts the audience.

Add this cool theme in the hot summer and try to change the name of your moderators and members according to it. This makes the theme cooler.

Retro and Throwback Theme

Who does not like the retro and throwback themes? Those old memories, retro songs, and movies will again come to your mind when you will apply this retro theme.

Discord Server theme ideas related to retro are very rare and attract almost every generation of audience.

You can change the name of your moderators and members according to the retro theme which can enhance the beauty of applying this theme.

Cafe Theme

This theme provides a cutlery look to your server. If you have a sweet tooth and you go to cafes on regular basis. Then this theme is made for you.

The theme will attract you with a variety of images related to food. Snacks like burgers and pizza will water your mouth and different shakes will make you go to the real cafe.

Dark Academia Theme

This theme has become one of the favorite themes on Discord. If you are an enthusiast who loves poetry, reading novels, and stories of different kings then this theme is specially designed for you.

You can change the name of your moderators and members to some greek inspired names and can enjoy a whole different experience.

This cool theme will give your server a productive face that everyone loves.

Seasonal Theme

This seasonal theme is the most versatile theme of all. The theme changes according to the change in seasons. Suppose it is spring in your region then the theme will start showing things related to spring.

 Along with it, so many emojis related to that same season are also available with the theme that make your theme more interesting.

So if you like seeing variety in a single theme, this same theme is specially made for you.

Synthwave Theme

Let us celebrate the popularity of this new futuristic theme provided in Discord. The theme is available to the users and makes them remember the track of the 1980s.

You can again enjoy that 1980s track and watch movies on different platforms when you apply this theme on the discord server. This gives you a cool futuristic cum retro effect at the same time.

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Wrap Up

If you want that your discord server should gain as much audience as possible then applying these mind-blowing themes is the best idea.

By doing the same you increase the chances that people stop and open your server at least once. Discord server theme ideas help you to give your server an aesthetic, futuristic, retro, and many different looks.

Now it depends on you and your personality that determines what theme you want to choose for your server.

FAQs –

How do I join MrBeast Discord?

If you want to join MrBeast on Discord then you can go to the server https://discord.gg/mrbeastgaming. It generally remains full and people find it difficult to join it although. There is one more channel that is not for gaming but that too is official with the name MrBeast only.

What is the largest Discord server?

When we talk about the largest Discord server then the Fortnite server it is. Fortnight is one of the most famous and favorite games that has its own server on Discord. But because of a lot of traffic sometimes users find it difficult to enter the server.

Who is the founder of Discord?

Discord is not very old and was founded in 2012 only. The founder of Discord is Jason Citron. He has also found OpenFeint, a platform where various mobile games can be played.

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