Engaging in gaming seems to be an easy task, but in reality, it is not. It is important to get the best equipment available with us. DNS server is one of them.

So after getting all the requests from our readers, here you will know about some of the best and Fastest DNS servers for PS4 and PS5.

If the game is lagging in between or connection timings are wrong, we will feel annoyed, and engaging in it will not appear to be the same thing.

You can take the example of PS4 and PS5. These are among the majorly considered cones, but some users are not able to use them due to the DNS servers.

The DNS servers available interferes with it, and due to this, the same is not possible for them to have the best gaming experience.

As we all know that the DNS servers are by default set up by the internet service provider, and sometimes these interfere with the gaming experience.

If you have the same trouble, then you can use the custom DNS. Yes, you get it right. Now the DNS servers can be your saviors.

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The utilization of custom DNS will improve the latency issues and also help you to have the best experience. Moreover, the game lagging issues happening will also be resolved, and you will not face any trouble throughout.

If you are with your friend on the same PS4 or PS5, don’t forget to check out the DNS server because it will have a major impact on your gaming experience.

For sure, if a lagging issue was taking place, then after changing it out, you can get the best outcomes.

What is DNS?

DNS or domain name system is the naming system for computers and other resources connected to the internet or any private network.

Various information is associated with the domain name and according to the participating entities. It is responsible for transferring human-readable domain names to machine-readable IP addresses.

When it is interpreted in machine-readable, it will be easy for the PS4 to deliver the expected results.

If it is not sufficiently translating the human-readable domains to machine-readable IP addresses, then there will be interference with the activity of the game.

So it is right to choose the fastest DNS server for it. If you are utilizing PS4 and want the best DNS servers for PS4, just check out the list we mentioned below.

The Fastest DNS Server For PS4 and PS5:-

Quad9 DNS:

If you are someone who wishes to get the best speed without spending a single penny, then choosing Quad9 will be the right choice for you.

Quad9 DNS

It has inbuilt features that guide against the malware tinted sites and also help you to get the best user interface.

People are happy with it because of its cheap choice of use and guaranteed security. There will be no trouble to the system throughout whenever you are utilizing the same.

After integrating the same, you can look for the best gaming experience, and the issues arising previously will not be there anymore.

Click Here for Quad9 DNS:

Neustar DNS:

Neustar DNS is among the most reliable platforms available for you out there when you wish to change the DNS server manually.

Neustar DNS

The gaming speed and the consistency of the game will be maintained after utilizing this one, and due to these features, it is famous across.

Some added protections are also there so the website will be secure to use, and you will not face any trouble at all.

The reliability and consistency of this portal are something that let users stick to it every time.

Click Here for Neustar DNS

Cloudflare DNS:

Cloudflare DNS server is the best combination of speed and reliability. It is among the best DNS server available because of its availability and integrated security.

Cloudflare DNS

It helps you to maintain access to the content without imposing certain restrictions. The information you are uploading on it will be safe, and speed will get boosted up.

Chances are there that the content will not appear to be filtered out, but this is not the major problem with it.

Click Here for Cloudflare DNS:

Google Public DNS:

Google public DNS is among the oldest DNS server available. It is the most considered platform these days because of its consistency, safety, and speed delivered.

If you are looking forward to a well-known and safe server, then choose this option.

Google Public DNS

The major issue with it is it is commonly used, so people feel like they might face some hustle-bustle during its use it but this is not the truth at all.

Click Here for Google Public DNS:

Comodo Secure DNS:

Comodo security DNS is among those servers that will be utilized according to your closest geographical location.

Comodo Secure DNS

After analyzing the geographical location, it provides the result. There will be a boost in gaming speed, and also, you will notice that no trouble is arising throughout.

Interestingly this comes off with an easy-to-use interface and secures to use, so users are quite happy with its performance as well. There is no such problem with the DNS server, and users can easily utilize it.

Click Here for Comodo Secure DNS:

Free DNS:

Free DNS is the free server available, along with privacy features. Users cannot be able to log in to DNS search queries without your permission.

Free DNS

It is among those a fast and secure platform available which boost up the gaming speed and privacy

Click Here for Free DNS:


Open NIC DNS is the feature that comes up with neutrality. It allows the server and all the content to be available without any filtration.


It is the opposite of safety in a server and also helps you to protect the IP address from DNS hijacking.

The speed is so high class that you will have the best and counter throughout the game. If you are looking forward to the fastest DNS servers for PS4, then utilizing the same can be the choice.

Click Here for Open NIC DNS:

Safe DNS:

Safe DNS as the name suggest is among the ultra-safe server available. It is the perfect choice for browsing because it will turn out the content accordingly, and you will not encounter any sort of malware at all.

Safe DNS

It focuses on security so that there will be no problem throughout and a user can have the best experience.

Also, you might feel like sometimes building out the content may be difficult, but this will not stop you from getting the best outcomes as expected.

Click Here for Safe DNS:

How to Change DNS Server Settings on PS4?

After browsing through the fastest and best DNS server for PS4 and PS5, you might be looking forward to knowing how you will be able to change the same.

Well, some simple steps can help you to do it easily. The steps you need to follow as mentioned below:-

  • 1# At the very first, you need to open the PS4 network settings. The same will be finding out by moving through the settings option through the menu.

PS4 network settings

PS4 network settings 2

  • 2# Hit on the set up new internet connection of option available on the network settings and select the LAN/Wi-Fi

set up new internet connection

  • 3# From there, it on the custom button and then click on automatic.

custom button

  • 4# DHCP is selected by default and then select it to do not specify. Now on the next screen, select the manual settings on ps4.

do not specify

select the manual settings

  • 5# Mention the primary and secondary DNS information available to you.

Mention the primary and secondary DNS information

  • 6# Set the MTU and proxy settings accordingly.

proxy settings

Make sure to set up MTU as auto server and proxy as not used for best results. After it tests the internet connection option is there, click on it and try out the DNS settings that will work well for you!

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FAQ: Best Fastest DNS Servers for PS4 and PS5

Q. How to find out the DNS server?

To find out the DNS server, move to the IP address of the wireless router and hit DNS. If you are unable to find out, ask your ISP for the same.

Q. Is it safe to change DNS on PS4?

If you are worried about safety, don’t worry because it is a safer option to consider. It will not harm the PS4 at all. You will be able to use it efficiently.

Q. Is there any amount I need to pay for the DNS server?

Why most of the options are available for free, and with some specific ones, you need to pay a particular amount? It is totally on you which one you wish to consider.

The above-mentioned DNS servers are free to use, and you will not face any trouble throughout, and there will be no need to pay even a single penny.

Final Words:

Overall it is right to say that after having the best DNS servers for PS4, you can have the best gaming experience. We advise you to check everything in detail so that there is no such trouble.

If you are facing any trouble while utilizing it, just move to the settings and pay attention to the options available. We are sure, Soon you will be able to fix it.

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