You are happily engaged doing your activities but suddenly a person has started sending you irrelevant messages. Ever happened with you? This is a very common problem faced by a number of users.

And the good thing is that you can easily remove those people from your server. For this, you just have to know how to block or unblock people on Discord.

If you want your virtual life at peace and don’t want any scam on you or your friend circle, you can just block him from your server.

The person you are blocking will not receive any notification for this although he can read your messages. He will not able to send anything to you.

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How to Block People on Discord

Blocking someone is not a draconian task. If you want to block people on discord you just have to follow these below steps-

  • The first step is obviously opening the Discord account. You can open your account on any platform you want, be it a computer, mobile, mac, or anything.
  • Not find or locate the server from which you want to block the person.
  • Now you have to find that person in the server in some text channel of that server. If you use Discord on a personal computer, you have to right-click on the name of the profile then you have to choose the block option.
how to block people on discord
  • On smartphones, you will have to click and hold the profile picture of that person. You will see that a pop-up menu has appeared. Click on the three-dot option from that menu and then find the block option.
  • Now a popup screen will appear, Confirm the blocking process by clicking on Block and completely block someone on discord.
  • Now you have blocked that person successfully.
you have blocked that person successfully

How to Unblock People on Discord

In case you are using Discord mobile, you do not have to do anything special. Just follow the same steps that you followed to block someone on discord mobile. This time instead of clicking on the BLOCK button, tap UNBLOCK. And that is it.

But if you use Discord on your Desktop or personal computer you will have to go on your friend list of Discord.  There is a dedicated slot for all the blocked people.

Follow the below steps after that-

  • First of all, open Discord on your personal computer, and go to the discord home option.
go to the discord home option.
  • Now find the friend option from there and click on it to unblock people on discord.
  • On the top-right corner, you will see the option of BLOCKED. Tap on it.
top-right corner, you will see the option of BLOCKED
  • Now by right-clicking on the name of the person you want to unblock, you can continue the process.
how to unblock people on discord
  • Now if you want to reconnect, you will have to send a request and add them as a friend.

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How to Mute Someone on Discord

Many times on video calls or normal calls, you see some type of disturbance coming from the side of one person. In that situation, you can temporarily mute that person so that everyone can listen to important things. 

If you want to Mute Someone on Discord, follow these simple steps-

  • In the users’ list, find the person you want to mute and right-click on it.
find the person you want to mute and right-click on it
  • And then simply press MUTE after selecting the time duration.
And then simply press MUTE.

From now onwards you can listen to a disturbance-free sound. If you want to let him speak, you can just repeat the same process and this time click on UNMUTE button.

How to Kick someone from chat in Discord

If you want to kick someone from chat in Discord because he is unnecessarily creating chaos in the chatroom, you can do it easily. This is not the same as blocking someone on discord.

You are just removing them from the discord chatbox and now if they want to join that again, they have to send a request to get access.

For kicking someone out of Discord chat, follow these simple steps-

  1. Find the name of the person you want to kick out in the user’s list and right-click on it.
  2. By righting the reason why you are doing this, click on the kick button and that is it.

Giving the specific reason will let him know why you have done this so that he will not do inappropriate actions again in any other chatbox.

How to Banning someone in Discord

If you have tried every possible method to get rid of that person like blocking, muting, or kicking that person out, but he still comes back.

If he keeps irritating you without any reason then you have one more option. Banning someone in Discord is the last option. It is the same as kicking someone out but in a permanent manner.

Following the below steps to do the same-

  1. Go to the user list and then right-click on his name.
  2. Now select the option BAN. you can also write the reason why you are doing it to let him know.

We should write the reason for banning the person on discord. Because by doing this, a discord notification will be sent to that person carrying the same reason. If he has some brains then he will not do the same mistake again at any cost.


It gets so much frustrating when are engaged in an important meeting or a group chat and a person keeps sending nonsense in the chatbox.

Thankfully unlike the real world, in the virtual world, we can easily block, ban, kick or mute any person we want. We hope that you now know how you can Block or Unblock People on Discord very easily.

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How to block someone on discord without adding them?

If you want to block someone on discord without them knowing and without adding them, you first find his profile in the search option. Now on clicking on the menu option, find BLOCK and click on it.

What happens when you block someone on Discord?

Usually, when you block someone, he is not able to send you anything after that. However, he will receive a notification when he is blocked from your side.

How to view blocked list on discord mobile

On clicking on the settings option of your profile, so many options will appear. Then click on the ACCOUNTS option and then you can easily find the BLOCKED USERS list on Discord.