When you use Instagram then you surely follow people, as it is one of the important parts of Instagram. But let suppose if it won’t let you follow anyone?

Yes, sometimes it can happen even though you are not blocked and you can not follow people on Instagram.

It is a new algorithm of Instagram and as per this algorithm, you cannot follow people after reaching the maximum number of the following requests.

But you don’t need to worry about it because here in this article, we will elaborate the reasons and how you can fix these issues.

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What is Instagram action blocked error?

What is Instagram action blocked error

What is Instagram action blocked error

When Instagram detects any spammy activity in your account then it is an Instagram action blocked error. This new algorithm prevents unusual activity that is going on including too many following requests, comments, likes, and even direct messages to people after a certain number.

Furthermore, it can also block you when you sign in with different devices, IPs, and places as well.

Fix the Instagram Action Blocked Error?

If Instagram has already blocked you then the first thing you should do is wait for a few hours or days.

Make sure you control your unusual activities that can hurt your account. Your natural activities can prevent you from blocking the Instagram account.

There are some points below, which you need to follow to fix Instagram action blocked.

  • Make sure you do not follow more than 200 people in a day. Or you can divide the following requests with hours or days.
  • Change the IP address of your current device.
  • You should not do any activity in your account until the error got fixed.
  • If you are using WiFi data then change it with mobile data.
  • It is advised to connect your Instagram account with other social media accounts for showing authenticity.

Instagram announced a blog about reducing inauthentic activity on 19th November 2018. In this blog, Instagrams discussed 3rd party actions in the account, and on the other hand, there were a lot of trends of Instagram alternative.

These policies not only apply for standard users but also for small businesses and influencers as well, which has an Instagram account for their business use.

How You Can Test If You’ve Been Blocked

How to Test if you’ve Been Blocked

How to Test if you’ve Been Blocked

Testing yourself is the best way to find out about this issue. You can start with following many people as much as you can continuously. After some time you will get an error that you cannot follow people anymore.

If this error is showing with some specific people then these people have blocked you, but on the other hand, this error is showing for all when you click on follow button then Instagram has blocked you temporarily.

You may face this issue for many days and it can continue when you still try to do unusual activities in a temporarily blocked period.

It is better to wait for some time or days without doing any spammy activities until you get unblocked by Instagram.

Why Won’t Instagram Let me Follow Anyone?

In the case of following people, so yes there are some reasons when Instagram won’t let you follow anyone. You can read these reasons below, so that you can find the exact error and so that you can fix it accordingly.

The rare reason is a bug in your application or in your phone. So to resolve it you can update your Instagram app or restart your device. Most probably you will get the solution, but this reason is very rare.

Another reason is you have already followed many people in your single account within a very short period of time. As per Instagram’s new algorithm, you cannot do spammy activities in order to maintain authenticity.

Generally, you can follow around 200 people in a day but when you start to follow more than that Instagram won’t let you follow anyone further for some time.

Basically, Instagram thinks that you have run a bot in your account and it is totally against Instagram’s T&Cs. So when you get this error, you should stop doing that and let Instagram ensure that it is not a spammy activity by a bot.

Another reason could be your new Instagram account. Yes, if you have created your account recently then you cannot follow many people in this short period of time. The intention of stopping you is just to maintain the authenticity so that no one can try to spam your account.

The next and the last reason can be excessive likes, comments, etc. Yes, it’s true that likes and comments are totally different from following requests but still if you do these activities excessively then Instagram thinks you are using any bot to get more followers.


What is an Instagram Bot?

What is an Instagram Bot

The Instagram bot is a kind of robot that can do automated things in your account.

Let suppose if you want to follow certain types of people and you set the bot accordingly then you don’t need to do it manually.

You can also set the time like you want this activity fast or slow. In case of fast activity, Instagram may find out that you are using a bot and then instantly Instagram won’t let you follow anyone further.

There are a lot of bot services are available in the online market that can harm your account. We recommend you to not use these types of services, as it’s against the Instagram policy and it can block you anytime and then you can’t follow people on Instagram.

You’re Temporarily Blocked on Instagram and How Long Does It Temporarily Block you from Following People?

How Long Does Instagram Temporarily Block you from Following People

If you violate Instagram policy then it can block your account for a minimum of 2 hours. But it does not mean that after 2 hours all things will be normal, even in some cases this time can extend.

It’s only Instagram that decides for how long you will be blocked for specific activities in your account.


How to get Unblocked from Following

To get rid of this temporarily blocked error, you need to wait till the ban period is over. Apart from that, you should make sure that you are not doing the same mistakes again and again even when you are blocked.

We recommend you to not do any activity in your account for at least 1 day. Till the time you can contact Instagram customer care and ask the reason for blocking and ask to unblock again.

Another thing you can do is change the IP address of your device and then try it again.

You can also link your Instagram account with other social media accounts to build authenticity and that will help you to unblock your Instagram account.


Steps To Follow In Order To Fix Can’t Follow People On Instagram

Login With A Different Device

Let suppose you have not done any unusual thing and your account is not banned. You may want to login with a different device and with a different browser. In case you are using an app to use Instagram then open it directly on a different browser and try to follow someone to check if it works or not.

If it does not work then you can move to the second step.

Logout And Login

Once you face this problem then you can try to sign out your Instagram account, go to the setting option and check the logout button, once you find it just press it to log out successfully.

Now login again and try to follow someone to check if it works.


Check For Updates

An older version of your app could be the reason, so it is recommended to up to date your applications. To update your app you need to go to the play store for android users and the app store for iPhone users, now find Instagram, and update it.

Check if it’s working or not.


Re-Install The App

If this issue is related to your app then there is another way to resolve it. You can delete your application by going to the setting and delete your existing app.

Now find the Instagram app in the app store or android play store to install it again. If you are able to follow people then good, otherwise there is no issue with your installed app on your phone.


Follow People Through Facebook

Most people who use Instagram also use Facebook. If you are not able to follow people on Instagram then try it with your Facebook account.

To do so, you need to go to the setting option, below the follow button you will see the Facebook friends actions, and now tap on that sign-in to Facebook as well.

You can check things if you are able to follow someone or not.


Tips That Will Help Keep Your Instagram Account Safe

Avoid Automatic Promotions

Automatic promotion services are not recommended for your Instagram account. It is against the Instagram policy if you do so then your account can be banned for some time. If it is really required then always go with reputed promotion services.

Link Your Instagram Account To Other Social Accounts

Link Your Instagram Account To Other Social Accounts

Linking your Instagram account to other social platforms will be really helpful and it will build authority. You can add with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Post regularly

If you leave your Instagram account for a long period of time and then suddenly login and start following people also the reason for your account ban.

Complete Your Profile

complete your profile

The complete information in your account profile build the authority, so always fill up the full information like a human being in your personal and business account.

Limit The Number Of Actions

Make sure you are not following many people at once otherwise your account will block immediately. Start to follow few people and then increases the number gradually until you reached the maximum number to follow people.

Don’t Continue Actions Immediately After Ban

If your account is banned then stop doing the immediate activities or promotions on your account because still, Instagram won’t let you follow anyone. Wait until you unblocked by Instagram and then start your activity gradually. For instance: wait at least for a week until you resume your activity.