Discord is that social media network that provides you with a whole new experience when it comes to chit-chatting with buddies and family. It also includes screen-playing and video gaming which eventually requires a nickname. The discord emoji in nickname gives you that exquisite experience that no other application can give.

When you use emojis while messaging or while live streaming, you create your own identity. And when that emoji is added with a nickname, it becomes more attractive.

Emoji in discord nickname can become an effective source of gaining an audience when you are live streaming as it is a great example of an eye-catcher.

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Some Reasons to Use Emoji in Discord Nickname?

Everyone wants uniqueness in their identity. And when you are a gamer or a streamer, using an emoji will give you a cool look.  Following are the reasons why people use emojis in discord nicknames-

  • Emojis in Discord nicknames make people come and check your profile more frequently.
  • It also gives a different but cool look to your profile.
  • Give your identity so that the audience can recognize you easily

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How You can Add Discord Emoji in Nickname – Step-by-Step

The introduction of this feature in Discord has proved to be a hit. Numerous people are using this feature of discord. Also enabling a cool-looking emoji with a nickname is not a difficult task at all.

You just have to know a few steps so that you can select the best emoji for you. Let us discuss how to use emojis on discord-

Step 1: Open Discord

The first and foremost thing you have to do is obviously open Discord. There on the main page, go to the Discord tab.

You will find your own profile section on the top right side, from there only you can change your nickname.

Open Discord

Step 2: Choose the Emoji and Copy It

When you use discord on mobile and when you use discord on a personal computer. There always exists a difference in usage.

That is while using Discord on mobile, you get a lot many emojis on the mobile keyboard. You do not have to go anywhere for that.

But when it comes to the desktop, its keyboard does not have any emojis on it. And also Discord itself does not have its own emojis. You have to find them somewhere else.

Finding emojis on the internet is not a difficult task at all. You will get an ample amount of emojis on various websites.

Go through this website and select the emoji that suits your personality the best. After selecting it, you just have to copy it from there.

For copying the emoji, put the cursor right over the chosen emoji. After that highlight the emoji by clicking and dragging. The copy option will appear when you right-click.

Step-3: Nickname Section

When you are finished copying the emoji from the website, you have to go back to the Discord main page.

Now we will see how to put emoji in discord about me. For that, you have to move your cursor to the top-right corner.

In the discord tab, you will easily be able to locate your nickname along with a profile picture. When you click on your profile picture of you, so many options will appear in front of you.

From those options, you can find the Edit Server Profile by scrolling down.

And yes. You are almost done. Just click on that option and now you can proceed to the next step for the Discord emoji in the nickname.

Step 4: Paste the Emoji in Nickname Box

As soon as you click on the Edit Server Profile option, one more slide will appear in front of you. It will contain the space where you can write your new nickname.

Step-4 Paste the Emoji in Nickname Box

First of all, you have to clear whatever is already written over there. As it has your old nickname written on it.

So, after selecting your favorite emoji and then writing your new nickname you can now paste the selected emoji over there.

For that, there is a shortcut key, i.e., CTRL+V. After pressing the key, you will find that the emoji is successfully pasted.

Step-4 Paste the Emoji in Nickname Box

At last, you just have you click on the Save button to apply all new changes. By this, you now know how to put emojis in your name.

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When it comes to social media, gaming, and streaming, emojis play a vital role in attracting an audience. When used properly it can make big changes in influencing other people around the world.

The cool impression given by the emoji along with the nickname can become an eye-catcher.

The discord emoji in the nickname is a convincing idea that can change the entire concept of influencing people.

People nowadays do not want that same boring username that used to be a trend before. In this changing world of technology, a small thing like emoji can also prove to be a game-changer. People are liking those profiles that have some interesting and different nicknames. And when those nicknames are reflecting your profile, what is more, efficient than that.