To make your SEO strategy successful, you need to consider multiple factors of the site.

The effectiveness of the SEO strategy totally depends on how well you can manage the SEO factors.

Some of these factors include optimized content, domain authority, technical SEO, and the number of quality backlinks.

When we talk about ranking the site in search engines, Domain Authority or DA score is considered as one of the most important factors among all of them.

Once you know the exact DA score of your website, you can use it in multiple ways to improve the quality of the website’s SEO.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is the search engine ranking score of a website that tells how well a site ranks high in SERPs.

Moz developed it and the DA score of a website ranges from one to 100.

Having a high domain authority score means having a great backlink profile in Moz’s algorithm.

Whereas, having low-quality backlinks shows that the website has a poor DA score.

Moz calculates the domain authority score of a website by evaluating the below factors:

  • Content Quality
  • MozRank
  • MozTrust
  • Linking Root Domains of the Website
  • Social Signals
  • SEO Friendliness of the Website

How to check the website’s DA score?

Checking the domain authority of the website provides a good understanding of how your site is performing in search engines.

You can use an online DA PA checker to check the domain authority of different sites in bulk.

These tools are specially developed on the Moz logarithmic scale and calculate different important aspects of the website.

Some of these aspects are the Spam Score, Page Authority, and IP Address of the website.

Why domain authority is important for website ranking?

DA of a site provides you with massive insights about how you can go with the SEO strategy.

Sites with a high DA score are likely to have a good rank on the search engine results pages.

Although domain authority itself isn’t a ranking factor of a site, it can help guide your SEO strategy.

Therefore, it will not have a direct impact on the website’s ranking.

On the other side, DA can be used to analyze the competitor’s website in the right direction.

It also provides you an idea of how your website positions itself about the competitor’s site in Google’s eyes.

To analyze the DA score of multiple competitors at once, you can use the da checker.

The checker allows you to analyze da, pa, spam score, and IP addresses of multiple websites within a single click.

After analyzing the domain authorities, if your website has a DA score of 60 and your competitor’s is 50, then it shows that you’re likely to get better positions in SERPs.

On the other hand, if your website has a lower DA score, it indicates the risk of a lower ranking on the result pages.

DA is important for ranking a website high in SERPs for the following reasons:

  • Having an excellent domain authority help to get a high SERP position
  • Good DA help to attract advertisers on a very large scale
  • Chances of increase in affiliate sites get higher
  • Great domain authority will also attract guest posts and comments

How to increase the domain authority of a site?

As we have discussed that domain authority is important for increasing the website ranking in search engines.

Now, you are wondering that how you can increase it to get more website users.

To provide you with the best solution, we are going to mention some useful steps.

By following these easy steps, you can easily increase your website’s DA score and can get more users in no time.

6 Steps on How to Easily Increase the Domain Authority

1.   Select the best domain name

If you are just starting out, then select that domain name that is completely relevant to the site.

The domain name must be easy to read and something relevant to the site easy to remember for everyone.

So that readers won’t have any problems while returning to the site. You also have the option to buy an old domain name so that there is no need to make a domain age.

2.   Optimize the On-Page Content

SEO matters for both Google and domain authority, so always make sure that you are optimizing all the on-page code.

On-page code includes Meta Data, Image Alt Tags, and the entire content.

Also, don’t forget to add variations of the target keywords in the content.

Always keep your permalinks short and relevant to the title and add a sidebar section for the new articles/posts.

3.   Remove the bad links

You can use online tools like Ahrefs to go through your backlink profile and search for any bad or toxic links.

This will help you to easily remove the toxic links that could end up damaging the DA of the website.

Also, try to remove those links on your site that lead to the toxic site as this will harm the search engine ranking.

4.   Create Quality Backlinks

Creating backlinks from high authority websites plays a great role in improving the site’s ranking in search engines.

There are hundreds of ways you can build quality backlinks to grow your website. One of those ways is guest posting, where you are essentially exchanging the content for a backlink.

A website with high domain authority boosts your website ranking in search engines within no time.

5.   Promote content on social media

Nowadays, social signals are considered as one of the best ranking factors for a site.

All you need to do is to keep promoting your content on social media to get social signals.

Try to promote the content on different social platforms and make sure to get encourage followers to like or share the content.

You can also include social share buttons on the web pages to redirect the users to social media.

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Without any doubt, domain authority is considered as one of the most important factors for ranking a site high in SERPs.

DA allows users to analyze the overall performance of the website. It also helps users to compare their DA score with their competitors to figure out where they stand.

You can follow the above easy steps in order to improve the DA of your website without any hurdle.