In this era of digitalization, everyone is running for more and more devices. And these electronic devices have some addicting beauty to them. One important item that most of us carry with us is the Nintendo switch. And there are a lot of chances that you often forget where you put the Nintendo Switch the last time. In this article, we will get to know how we can find Nintendo Switch In Your House.

There are chances that you left the device somewhere and some other person took your device. If the same problem keeps arising in your case too, this article is for you.

How to track a lost Nintendo switch?

Now you must be thinking if it is possible to track the Nintendo Switch at home or at any place. Because we know that like Apple and android devices we do not have the “where is my phone feature” here. So a crisp answer for this is NO. But wait. What if we say that yes there are some alternative methods that you can use?

The first thing you can do is to take some precautionary steps before losing it. Every device has its unique serial number. Just go and get your device and look at it. The serial number is presented mostly near the USB port. Also, you can go to the settings in the device and find the information from there also.

How to track a lost Nintendo switch

But what if your device has already been lost and you want to know how to find your Nintendo switch? There are some other places where you can find the serial number of the device and help the police find your device. These are – inside the box in which the Nintendo switch came.

If you still are unable to find the serial number, you can go to the shop from which you have purchased your device. Ask the shopkeeper to inform you about the serial number as generally, they have the purchase information.

What to do with the Serial Number?

Now you have the serial number of the device and still waiting for the answer for how to find my lost Nintendo switch. Here is the next step to follow.

If you have the serial number with you, then on calling the customer support services, they can help you with that. No, they still can not track the device but can get to know whether someone is using it or not. They also can track the IP address if someone is using it.

The IP address can further help them know the city and place of the person who has stolen it. Or the person who has the device with him in case it has not been stolen. With that information, one can help the police to reach the person who has the device.

 In case your Nintendo account is still connected to the device, make you disconnect that. Or else the other person can use your account to make purchases of games from your account. Now the question arises is there a way to find my Nintendo switch? Or is it really possible to track the Nintendo device?

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Is Tracking a Switch Possible?

As we have already discussed earlier, right now there are no sensors fixed with Nintendo switches. That can help you locate the Nintendo switch, but yes you can purchase some useful trackers that you can use with your device. You can easily purchase them on Amazon or Flipkart according to your convenience. One of these trackers is Tile Mate.

Tile mate for intendo

With an expense of as less as 20 dollars, you can purchase TileMate online. It is actually a Bluetooth device that you can not only use with the Nintendo switch but also with other important devices.

After purchasing the tracker, all you have to do to find my Nintendo is to download their application. It easily connects with the switch. Now if you are unable to find your switch you can track the device as the tracker will start showing all nearby devices.

 In case your device is farther from your location, you can still track that by going through the application. It will show you the name of the recent location at which your switch was. It will also update you, notifying you about the locations on the app.

Can You Deactivate a Stolen Nintendo Switch?

Now you know how to find a lost Nintendo switch. But whether you can deactivate a stolen Nintendo switch or not is still a question. So the answer is Yes you can. You have to follow the below steps to deactivate the Nintendo account.

  • Sign in to your Nintendo account.
Nintendo login page
  • Then open the SHOP menu on the page.
  • Now click “deregister primary console”
deregister primary console
deregister primary console
  • It will ask for your password. Enter it.
  • Click on the deregister button for confirming it.

This deactivating feature is provided by Nintendo for single use in a year. You can deregister your Nintendo account only once in a year. So make sure that you are not misusing your playing with this feature.

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How to Make Sure That Your Switch Isn’t a Stolen Item

After knowing about the Nintendo switch finder or tracker, you must be thinking what if i am using the stolen device myself? There are possibilities that someone has sold you an old device that has been stolen from somewhere.

The serial number that we told you about earlier will help you in this case. You can call Nintendo support and ask them whether this serial number is registered with a previous account or not.

The second option is you can match the device serial number with the package box serial number. If both numbers are not matching, there is the possibility that the switch is stolen. Make sure to inform the police about these types of cases. There are also chances that the case is legitimate and you have yourself purchased an old device.

What Should I Do If I Lose My Switch Game?

Knowing where is my Nintendo switch does not make much of a problem but losing a switch game does.

Do not worry. Your game is all saved with the console. When you get the new or another device, you can see the progress you had made earlier. But unfortunately, you can not continue from there on. You have to start again in a fresh manner. For this, you can subscribe to the Nintendo Switch online as a precautionary measure.


When people lose their devices they run for the answers to how they can find Nintendo Switch In Your House. And as it is an expensive device, losing it is heartbreaking. Make sure that you follow all the precautionary measures and do not let the switch lose. We hope that you got the answer to how do I find my Nintendo switch. We will be glad to solve all the related queries regarding this.


Can a Nintendo Switch be found if lost?

With the help of trackers like TileMate, you can find the Nintendo switch. But there is no sensor present in the device itself that can help you find where is my Nintendo switch.

How to find a lost Nintendo switch game?

If you want to know how to find a lost Nintendo switch in your house.  You can take help with the serial number that you can find on the box of the switch. Call support services to get to know about the IP address.