In this tough competition for achieving success in every field of life. You have to make documents and write many pages and many articles. And for making those articles perfect.

You should have proper knowledge about various things. Word spacings, word counts, how many keywords are necessary to make your article good and how can you make your article more attractive.

The knowledge of all these things gives you an edge over others. By making your projects more eye-catching. In this article, we will let you know how many words are 6 pages double spaced.   And how you can actually frame your word project.

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Considerable Points Before Knowing How Many Words Are 6 Pages Double Spaced

Before starting any project on MS Word, you should have an idea about the length of your project and for what purpose you want to make it. Like, If you want to make it for office purposes, you’ll have to use some ideal font for it.

But if you are making it for children, the font should be attractive to read.

Font size, spacing, design, and margins are some of the facts that affect the word limit of the page.

Font Size

The size of the font in which you are writing depends on the demands of your work. Font size is inversely proportional to the number of words that can fit on a page.

Experts recommend font size 12 with single spacing. This can be used in mostly all types of documents and cover 500 words per page.

Line Spacing

Line spacing is differently demanded by different institutions as per the purpose.

It refers to the distance between two lines in the document and it is generally recommended that the lines should be single-spaced.

Double line spacing apparently covers 250 words on a page and single line spacing covers 500 words in a page.

Font Style

Font style should be according to the purpose of the project and can be decided depending on the same. The number of words also depends on the font style of the document.


Although MS Word provides various sizes for margins, 2.54 cm from all sides is considered a standard one.

Increasing the size of the margins reduces the number of words. And you can increase the word limit of a page by decreasing the gap in margins. Check here If you want to know how to change margins in ms word.

Detailed Analysis for How Many words are 6 Pages Double Spaced

Now before starting your document writing, let us give you a detailed idea about the word counts.  And different numbers of pages needed in the document. Let’s begin with 6 pages double-spaced.

How Many Words are 6 Pages Double Spaced

When we talk about the number of words and pages, double spacing with a standard margin can provide you space for 250 words in a single page.

And when you multiply it 6 times then you’ll get 6*250, i.e.1500 words. Now it depends on your project and the pictures included in it.

How Many Words Can Be Written on a Page

Taking all the standard units of measurement like Margins, font size, and font style, then with double spacing approx.

250 words can be written in a page, and with single spacing, the number will increase to 500.

Many times you have to add various things like tables, images, flowcharts, etc., to your document. In that case, word limits can obviously differ according to the activity, and changes are done in the project.

These observations are purely based on experiences and can be changed according to your convenience.

How Many Words is One Page Double-Spaced?

Considering the size of the font, i.e 12 with a margin size of 2.54 cm from all sides, then with double spacing you can write 250 words in one page.

We are providing this data with the consideration that you are not adding anything extra to your document.

How Many Pages are 500 Words Double-Spaced?

Until now we were discussing the number of words that can be fitted on various pages. Now let us examine the number of pages that will be required to fill the number of words.

Let’s say that we have taken the size of the margin by 1 inch. And font size is 12.

Now if we are using a standard font style like Arial.  And not adding any other thing in the document, then we can write 250 words in 1 page. According to that, we will page for writing 500 words.

How Many Words are 5 Pages Double Spaced

For 5 pages, consider the remaining things the same, i.e., 1 inch for the margin and size 12 for the font.  Then we can say that we will need at least 1,250 words.

As we now know that for 1 page with double-spaced lining, 250 words can be filled.  then for 5 pages, we can easily fill 1250 words.

How Many Pages is 2,500 Words Double Spaced

Let us say that you have fulfilled all the standard requirements. Like choosing an ideal margin, taking a font size near 12, taking an optimal font style, and not adding any picture in it. Then it will be 10 times what a single page can be filled with 250 words.

Then we can easily say that for 2500 words, we will require 10 pages in MS word.

How To Double Space Lines In Microsoft Word

This is the easiest task that anyone can do. You have to select the whole text in your MS Word document. Then when you see the toolbar, on the right-hand side you’ll notice an option for line and paragraph spacing on it.

You can easily choose any one of the options according to your preferences.

How Many Words are 6 Pages Double Spaced

250 words are1 page
500 words are2 pages
750 words are3 pages
1000 words are4 pages
1250 words are5 pages
1500 words are6 pages
1750 words are7 pages
2000 words are8 pages
2250 words are9 pages
2500 words are10 pages
2750 words are11 pages
3000 words are12 pages
3250 words are13 pages
3500 words are14 pages
3750 words are15 pages
4000 words are16 pages
4250 words are17 pages
4500 words are18 pages
4750 words are19 pages
5000 words are20 pages

Page’s Perspective with Double Spaced:

1 page are250 words.
2 pages are500 words.
3 pages are750 words.
4 pages are1000 words.
5 pages are1250 words.
6 pages are1500 words.
7 pages are1750 words.
8 pages are2000 words.
9 pages are2250 words.
10 pages are2500 words.
11 pages are2750 words.
12 pages are3000 words.
13 pages are3250 words.
14 pages are3500 words.
15 pages are3750 words.
16 pages are4000 words.
17 pages are4250 words.
18 pages are4500 words.
19 pages are4750 words.
20 pages are5000 words.

FAQs for How Many Words are 6 Pages Double Spaced

What is 6 pages double spaced?

When we talk about 6 pages of double space.  Then it says the number of words that we can write in 6 pages of the MS Word document page.  Also double spacing between the lines. Generally, we do not alter the margins and take 1-inch margins from all sides. And also about the font size, then it is usually taken as 12.

How many pages is 7 000 words double spaced?

For seven thousand words, when we divide 7000 by 250.  As we know that for one page we need 250 words, then we get 28 as the answer. From this, we get to know that for 7000 words, we will need 28 pages of MS Word.

What is 7 pages double spaced?

7 pages double spaced means that the distance between the lines of the page is double spaced. Approx. 1750 words are covered in seven pages and the font size is near 12 only in addition to the margin which is approx. 2.54 cm. Every criterion is standardly taken and can be altered according to the preferences.

How many pages are 1500 words double spaced 12?

For 1500 words to write in MS word document with double spacing. You will require approximately 6 pages of it. We assume that you have chosen the ideal margin for your page and the font size is 12. Calculation of words and pages is like a cakewalk. All you have to learn is a few things and you can easily master this.