Discord is a platform that offers you a variety of facilities. Be it gaming, texting, sending documents and pictures, or doing audio/video calls with loved ones.

When it comes to interacting with people, Discord is giving tough competition to other substitutes. For group calls, we should know how to add some to a discord call.

Although our lives are becoming normal after the pandemic, we still have some responsibility to keep ourselves safe.

For this, if you want to hang out with your friends and family and can not go outside, conference calling is the best option. Now a few questions arise like how to add someone to a discord call or a group chat.

And how can we actually add some to different types of communications?

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Different Ways of Adding Someone to a Discord Call

Suppose you are the host of some server, then you will have these options to add more participants. These are-

  • Either add them from your friend list.
  • Or you can send them an invitation link.

How to Add Someone to a Discord Call from the Friend List

Being a host is not an easy task. You can imagine yourself as a leader of the group. You have all the responsibility of adding participants to the call. For that, you should simply know how to group call on discord mobile.

And how to add someone to a voice call on iPhone. And add someone from your friend list. By following the below steps you can easily add anyone you want-

STEP 1- Open Your Discord.

This step is the obvious one. First of all, you have to download the free discord application on your personal computer and install it.

After that just go through the app and make your own account. When you are done with making an account, you have to log into it.

STEP 2- Start Call

Initially, you will see that the only person in the call is you as you are the host. Before starting the call you have to add a few members to your call.

From the friend list, you have to select your preferred people and add them to the call.

start call on discord

After adding them you will see that various icons have started appearing. From those, one is the voice call option. Now clicking on that voice call option, you can start the call with the members you have selected.

STEP 3- Add members

During the ongoing call, you will notice more icons and signs appearing. From those signs, one is of adding more members.

If you want to add someone to a discord call, just press that option. You will see that the friendliest is again visible to you. Now you can select and add more members from that friend list.

A tick sign will start showing on the right side of each member you selected for the call.

Add members on discord call

After the selection process, click on the create group DM tab. You will see that all the members you selected are on call now. You can also switch the audio call to a video call if you want.

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Adding Someone to a Discord Call Through an Invitation Link

If you want to add someone through an invitation link, you just have to follow the below instructions-

STEP 1- Open Discord and start the call

You now already know what is the first step right? After logging in, you just start the call with the few members in your friend list. This is the method explaining how to call someone on discord without being friends.

STEP 2- Create the invitation link

You are in a call which means that you already have a server created by yourself. You can find that same server when you see the left side of your screen.

The profile photo will also be there with the server. Also, the name of the Discord server should be mentioned with the profile image. The name will start showing as soon as you click on the image.

A Drop-Down menu will be there below the server name. On clicking that menu, you will find the option of Invite people there.

Create the invitation link for discord call

STEP 3- Sending the invitation link

When you click the INVITE PEOPLE option, a link will be generated. Along with that link. On the right side, a copy option will also be there. From there you can copy that link and send that link to all the people you want to invite to the call.

sending the invitation link for discord call

You can send that link through various platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram,  Gmail, etc.

When an invited person clicks on that link, the host will receive a notification to let him enter the call. The link generally expires in 24 hours. But there is an option to set that link to NEVER EXPIRE mode.

If you want to know how to mute discord calls, then during the call you will see a speaker icon. On clicking that icon you can mute the call. Also by clicking that again you can unmute the call.

If some other issue is coming up during the call, you have to start the whole process again.

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FAQs –

How can I directly add someone to a Discord call?

If you want to directly add someone on a discord call, there are two options. Either do it by adding to your friend list or by sending the invitation link to desired people.

Why is my Discord audio broken?

If your discord audio is broken, you can just restart the process and continue the call. Due to some technical issues, these types of issues may arise.

Can I add someone to a Discord call without being friends?

Yes absolutely. By sending the invitation link to the people you want to add in your call, you can do the same.

How do I add someone to an existing call on discord?

You will find the friend list on the left side of the screen. From there, you can add more friends to your call.

Can you join 2 calls on discord?

Nope. Discord allows only one voice server to join at a time.

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We hope you like this article on Add someone to a Discord Call. Always remember, a group calling on discord is not a big task. Anyone can do it and enjoy a hassle-free call with friends and family. You can organize a virtual party on a video call, a meeting, and whatnot. With the effective use of technology, you can exploit every essence of it and make yourself productive.

If you want to know how to ring someone on discord PC, and how to ring someone on discord mobile, you can do it by just adding them on call.