With the up-gradation of technology, android, as well as iOS devices, ask for more and more storage. Because the applications which are coming with new updates are consuming much storage on mobile phones.

Also, there are chances that 5G technology will come to India at the end months of the year.

And due to this reason, mobile phones are coming with 5G features in them. Now you may ask “ How old is my phone?

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Also when you buy a refurbished phone, You always want to know the age of that mobile phone.

The reasons are many, but the process of getting the answer to “how old is my iPhone” is very simple. In this article, we will get to know the same.

How to Check How Old Is My Phone?

If you want to check the age and depreciation of your mobile phone, you can follow these simple methods to do the same:

1. Online (Web) Tools

For checking the phone purchase date you can use the web tools. For this, you have to follow a few easy steps.

IMEI checking tool
  • Make sure that you know the EMEI number of your phone.
  • After entering the EMEI number, it will ask for the captcha. Then only you will be able to enter the next page.
  • Now click on “ Phone brand warranty Status Check”.
 enter the next page
  • Now simply tap on “Phone brand Warranty status”.
Phone brand Warranty status
  • After that, you just have to wait for a few seconds or minutes. It actually depends on connection and order. And then you will know the phone buying date.
phone manufacturing date
  • The phone manufacturing date is shown right next to the production date.

2. Phone Serial Number

For iPhone devices, the process is more simple. As each device has its own unique serial number. When you check the IMEI number of the iPhone, the serial number of the device will reveal its manufacturing date.

  • Simply go to the settings
  • Click on “general settings”
  • Now tap on the “About” option.
  • You will notice the serial number mentioned there.
  • Generally, the end digit indicates the year of manufacturing. For example, if the number ends with 8, the manufacturing date will be 2008 or 2018.

3. Check the Phone Box

When you brought your new mobile phone, remember it came in a cute small box. That time you became so excited to see all the features of your mobile and ignored that box.

Many manufacturing companies mention the date of manufacture in some booklets that come in the box. There are so many things that come along with mobile phones like the warranty card, manual, and stickers.

Make sure you are going through all the important things.

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When Your Phone Got Made – Date

Checking the date at which the device was made gives a fine insight into how old is my cell phone. Just make sure that you are examining each and every minor detail.

Sometimes the date of manufacture is written on a small sticker beside the device. And sometimes it is written on manuals and small booklets that come along with other things like warranty cards and stickers.

5. Your Phone’s Manufacturing Codes

If you do not know what the IMEI number of your device is. If still finding out the serial code of your iPhone, you can use the manufacturing number. With this, you will get to know the answer to how to check my phone is old or not.

There is only one problem with these numbers. That they are model specific. Different models of devices have different criteria for manufacturing numbers.

There are some codes like *#197328640#*or *#*#197328640#*#*. By dialing these numbers, you can get to know about the manufacturing codes of devices.

6. “About Phone” Option In the Settings Section

This is the simplest method of all. All you have to do is to go on the settings of the device which you want to know “how old is my android phone”.

Now in the settings, you will get another option of “About Phone”. There you will get important information about the device like “my phone age”.

But still, you should know the serial number of the device. And you will get to know how old is my mobile phone.

7. “Chipmunk” Online Tool

If you are still struggling with “how to check phone manufacturing date”, the Chipmunk tool is here for you. This tool will provide you with data on your device.

Even the minute details like the week of manufacturing and all. You can search for this tool on your Apple devices and your personal computer. Simply add the serial number of the device.

After that, you will have to click on let the information zein”. And voila. All the details about the phone will be shown to you.

8. Use Apple Support App

The Apple support app is specially designed for you. You can send them your queries and ask about your concerns. If you want to know “how to check age of phone”, you can go to that app.

You must have an account to log in there. After that simply sign in to the app. You will get to know about all the past purchases of the device.

You can see all the transactions that have been done regarding the device on the same app.

9. Contact the Person You Bought It From

This method will sound funny but is the most practical of all. If you want to know how to check mobile age, you can ask the same person from whom you brought your device.

This method is most suitable for offline purchases. These sellers generally know every detail about the devices because they are accountable for giving these details to their customers.

If you purchased the device online, then you can go to the service center of the same brand of the device. They can easily tell you about the details of the device.

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10. Apple Warranty Query

To find the answer to “how to check mobile-first use date”, you can also use this effective method. For this, you should first know the serial number of the device.

You can get to know about the serial number on the settings page of the device. Now that you know the serial number, you will have to enter some information.

  • Search “check coverage” of the iPhone.
  • Now on the site, enter the serial number. And then click on Continue.
  • It will then show the warranty date, and expiration date after the calculation of depreciation, and other support functions. By this, you can get an idea of the date of manufacturing of your device also.

11.Dial #197328640# or ##197328640##

This method is a little complex if you want to know “how to check mobile date”. We all are aware of this simple thing, that manufacturing codes are different for different models.

So a normal person can get confused analyzing those codes and get information by dialing the above numbers. If you are aware of the model code and detailed information, you can try this method.

Or else you have to do research online to get to know about this.

12. Check Your Emails Or Bank Statement to See When You Bought It

You can also check your passbook, or bank statement if you want to know “how old is my phone android”. By this, you will know when you purchase that device.

Also, you can estimate the manufacturing date of the device. Bank transaction details can also be helpful for knowing these types of things. We never know.


There may be so many reasons for knowing the age of the device. The most common reason is when someone wants to sell the device. We all are hoping for fast internet services in the coming future, and after that many will run to exchange their mobile phones. We hope that you now know the answer to “How Old Is My Phone”. Now you can easily get to know about this sitting in your home.

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FAQs –

How do I find out when my iPhone was made?

When you check the IMEI number of the iPhone, the serial number of the device will reveal its manufacturing date. go to the settings. Now Click on “general settings” After that tap on the “About” option. You will notice the serial number mentioned there.  The end digit indicates the year of manufacturing. For example, if the number ends with 6, the manufacturing date will be 2006 or 2016.

How long do iPhones last?

Search “check coverage” of the iPhone. Now on the site, enter the serial number. And then click on Continue. It will then show the warranty date and the expiration date.

Why iPhone has the longest lifespan?

There are so many reasons for it. This may include the powerful chipset of the iPhone, the hard-built quality, and the software. The software of the iPhone has the capability to run for a long time span. Overall they are worth the money spent on them.