The hashtag feature of LinkedIn is not much old. But was only introduced in 2016 only.

We all know that we have been using hashtags for a long time now. And the platforms that influenced us to do so are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So after following the footprints of such platforms, Linkedin also introduced hashtags in it. In this article, we will learn how to follow hashtags on Linkedin.

How to follow hashtags on LinkedIn

We are all aware of hashtags now. The main concern for using hashtags is to reach more and more audiences. With the help of hashtags, one can also reach the right audience that one exactly wants.

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How To Use Hashtags on LinkedIn?

Before going further, let us first know how you can use hashtags on Linkedin. Like Instagram and Twitter, you can also use hashtags on LinkedIn with various posts. you can use it with posts related to marketing and businesses. Along with it, you can also use them on profile status, and business pages.

How To Follow Hashtags on LinkedIn?

Following hashtags is not a difficult task like that of Twitter when you use LinkedIn. In fact, Linkedin provides a whole separate option to follow a particular hashtag that you want. For that, you just have to search the word on the search bar with a hashtag.

search the word on the search bar with a hashtag.

When the results will appear, you can see all the related posts with the same hashtag. It has the following option with it.

You can simply follow that from there.

You can simply follow that from there

If you want to see the LinkedIn hashtags list, you can see that on your profile or else you can also check on the left side section on LinkedIn website.

 LinkedIn hashtags list, you can s

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing, Networking, and Business?

When we talk about businesses and networking pages, hashtags give them an opportunity to reach beyond their limits.

By using hashtags that are appropriate to the business, one can gain more customers. Hashtags can be used with articles related to businesses and as influencing words for marketing.

How To Use Hashtags on Your LinkedIn Article?

Unfortunately, people can not use clickable hashtags for the body of the article that is to be published on LinkedIn. But yes you definitely can do it when you use hashtags in the description of the post.

 Article schema

Make sure that you use an appropriate hashtag for your post. And it can also be the top hashtags on LinkedIn for wider reach.

Do hashtags work on LinkedIn?

The answer to this question is very crisp and clear. YES. Absolutely. The use of hashtags on any social media platform that actually supports hashtags is helpful.

When you use hashtags with the posts, your post is shown to all interested users. When the user tries to search the word with the hashtag, your post is shown to him. And that is how the algorithm of hashtags works.

How To Use Hashtags on Your Business Page?

If you want to gain the right and suitable audience or customers, using hashtags on your business page can really change the game. On creating the business profile, just follow these simple steps.

  • First of all, login into LinkedIn and reach your profile page.
  • Now you need to scroll down and go to “Creator Mode” in the “Resources” section
Creator Mode in the Resources section
  • Here you will see an option to add hashtags.
  • You can only add 5 hashtags, which should be related to your page.
You can only add 5 hashtags, which should be related to your page
  • These hashtags will be seen on your profile page in the introduction section.
These hashtags will be seen on your profile page in the introduction section.
  • If they are popular hashtags on Linkedin, that is good. And voila. You are good to go.

How To Use Hashtags on Your LinkedIn Status Update?

If you want to update your LinkedIn status, and you want to add a hashtag to it, here are a few options for you. Either you can simply add the hashtag symbol along with the word (make sure there is no gap) after or before your status. Or there is an option of “add hashtags”. On typing the suitable word for a hashtag, LinkedIn will start suggesting more hashtags.

You can also click on the next button, for more suggestions if you want to add more.

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How many LinkedIn hashtags should I use?

There is no limit to the quantity to be used for hashtags on the Linkedin posts. In Fact, people use so many hashtags to maximize their reach.

But as per the official recommendations by LinkedIn, there is a Linkedin hashtags limit. And that should be three. More than three hashtags per post are inappropriate as per LinkedIn and your post may not perform better as it should.

LinkedIn Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid

There are a few things that one should keep in his mind while using hashtags. These are-

  • Too many hashtags

As discussed above, for getting a wide reach, people tend to use more hashtags than required. That makes the article poor in quality.

  • Do not copy-paste

This should be very clear that hashtags are only used in words and do not describe your whole post. A proper description should be there.

  • Use of popular hashtags

Linkedin hashtags trending attract users because users think that they can influence more by using them. But they should know that the hashtag should be related to the post.

LinkedIn Trending Hashtags

For the trending hashtags on Linkedin, it releases data annually, releasing a list. Generally, hashtags related to marketing, leadership, business, and real estate top the list. These are the hashtags that are used by almost all the users on Linkedin as it generally focuses on the same.

Where do I find trending LinkedIn hashtags?

If you want to find trending hashtags on Linkedin, you can follow these simple steps-

  • First of all, find the discover more option on the profile page.
  • On mobile, click on your profile picture, in the left top corner of the page. On the other hand, on desktops, you will see the “discover more” option on the left side section.
discover more
  • On clicking on the “discover more” option, you can easily get all the trending pages, recommended pages as well as recommended hashtags.
 trending pages, recommended pages as well as recommended hashtags

Best hashtags to follow on LinkedIn

When people create an account on LinkedIn, their main focus is mostly on the employment world, marketing and businesses.

So when you LinkedIn hashtags search, the best hashtags are related to these topics only. These are jobs, business, motivation, digital marketing, marketing, innovation, hiring, e.t.c. By following these hashtags, you will get to know about many things and will keep updated.

How to create your own hashtag on LinkedIn?

First of all, reach the homepage. Now look for the hashtag option on the bottom right corner of the page. You will see the “add a hashtag” option. Click on it. Add up to three perfect hashtags related to your business. if they are popular hashtags on Linkedin, that is good.

You can write your own innovative words if you want. And that is how you create your own hashtag on LinkedIn.

Should I use hashtags on LinkedIn?

If you want your profile to be prosperous, yes you should definitely use hashtags. Below are the benefits of using them-

Benefits of Using LinkedIn Hashtags

Let us suppose that your account is new on LinkedIn. And you have only 100 connections on it. Now when you post an article on Linkedin, it will reach only those 100 connections.

When you use a trendy and the right hashtag related to the article that you want to publish, you can reach lakhs of viewers. And this is how these hashtags help you increase your limits and boundaries.

You can also use a Linkedin hashtag generator if you do not know what word is suitable for your post.


Hashtags play a very important role when you are a creator and want to reach as many people as you can. For businesses like marketing firms, these are like diamond tickets. In this article, we have explained in a detailed manner. We hope that we have answered all your queries, especially “follow hashtags on Linkedin”  through this article. We will keep updating our content regarding similar topics for your maximum convenience.


How to track hashtag performance on LinkedIn?

By searching the hashtag on the trending list, you can track its performance of it. Also by analyzing the followers gained on your profile, one can track the performance of hashtags.

How to remove hashtags on LinkedIn profile?

On clicking the profile pic, on your status, simply edit that status. You can remove the hashtags from there. And can add a new one if you want. This will help your profile to keep updated.

How to change talk about hashtags on LinkedIn?

In the profile page, by tapping off the creator mode, you can initiate the process. Then you can add more topics. After that, simply click on the Save button. That is it.