Spotify is a new destination to land for all music lovers. Right now, it doesn’t matter whether you wish to listen to any song or you want to create a playlist of your own, Spotify gives you the best options.

Here in this article, we are discussing how to see who follows your Spotify playlist and your Spotify profile. You can use these methods on your desktop as well as on a mobile application.

Spotify comes up with different features which make the users the best ones to consider. If you are looking forward to discovering new music, then looking out for those who have followed you can be the option.

If you are someone who is in confusion about who is following you and who is not, then you must look at the best possible solutions to do the same.

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After knowing about the best possible steps, it will be easy for you to browse through the playlist of your followers, and you will have an encounter with some new music collections as well.

The major reason people look out for followers and following is that they are curious to know who is interested in their playlist.

Sometimes exploring through the followers and following let people have an encounter with some good music collection as well.

In this article, we will add all the information considering how to know who have followed you on your Spotify playlist and some other FAQ.

For sure, after this read, there will be clarity considering all the aspects of Spotify you might be having in your mind.

How to Check Out Who Follows Your Spotify Playlist on Desktop?

If you are utilizing Spotify on a desktop, the steps are very simple to follow when you wish to see how many people follow you on your Spotify playlist. The steps are as follows:

1# Move to the Spotify application on your desktop PC and perform the sign-up.

2# If you have already done the sign-up, then do the sign-in.

do the sign in on spotify

3# Here, you need to click on your library option from the navigation bar available on the left side.

your library option

Also, you can look out for a playlist which you have created and then check out the following option. A menu option is there down the side from where you can check it out.

4# Look out for your playlist of yours and open it. For opening the same, you just need to click on it.

Look out for the playlist spotify

6# Below the playlist, the Spotify username is available. Along with the username, there are a number of likes available which are corresponded to the particular playlist. The like indicates the followers.

username spotify

7# This is all the information you can see, considering the followers available on your Spotify playlist.

How to See a Number of People Following My Spotify Playlist on Mobile?

If you are utilizing mobile and confused about how to check out the Spotify playlist number of followers, the steps are also very simple, like the desktop one. These are as follows:-

1# Look out for the Spotify application on your mobile and tablet and open it.

2# Perform the sign-in again.

3# Hit on the library option from the icons that are available right on the bottom of the page.

library option on app

4# After hitting on the library, look for the playlist you have created and open the same.

playlist you have created

5# After opening the playlist, you will see the Spotify username along with the number of followers. The number of followers indicates the people on your following list.

opening the playlist

6# There is no more information available considering the followers available on your Spotify list.

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How to Check Out Who Follows Spotify Profile On Desktop?

If you are curious to know how many people are following you or your Spotify profile on Spotify, then also the steps must be important to know. When you are utilizing the desktop for the same, the steps are as follows:

1# Move to the Spotify application on your desktop PC and perform the sign-in.

2# After performing the sign-in, click on your profile name right there on the top right of the screen.

3# A dropdown menu hit on the profile option, and you will be redirected to the Spotify profile.

spotify profile on desktop

4# Underneath your name number of followers, and a number of following is mentioning which will let you know about the number of users that are available on your list.

number of followers

5# Also, it provides you with the option to explore their interest and the profiles they are following.

How to See Who Follows My Spotify Profile on Spotify Through Mobile?

If you wish to get information about your Spotify profile through mobile, the steps are as follows:-

1# Open the Spotify application and perform the sign-in.

2# Look out for the profile option by clicking on the setting, located in the top right of the page.

clicking on the setting

3# From there, you will be redirected to the next page, where the details will be available, click on it.

details will be available

4# From there, you can easily lookout for the people who are following you on Spotify.

who are following you on Spotify

5# If you wish, you can visit their profile and explore their interest and other aspects. This also helps you to have an encounter with some new profile switch to have not followed on Spotify.

We hope right now you are aware of how to check out who has followed you on Spotify it doesn’t matter whether you are looking forward to checking out your profile or Spotify playlist.

These steps will help you to do it seamlessly. If this is a situation, don’t let yourself feel frustrated because right now, solutions are available for every problem. Do pay attention to the related queries we are presenting below.

FAQ: How to See Who Follows Your Spotify Playlist?

Q. What is Spotify?

Spotify is among the best streaming service available for music these days. For all the users who want to encounter some new stuff seamlessly, this portal can be the choice.

Spotify application is also available for all Android, IOS, and Windows so that users can get it easily. It attracts millions and millions of users every day across the globe.

Also, if you are interested in music, you can simply create your playlist and let people enjoy the same as well.

Q. Is it possible to stop people from following my playlist? 

If you wish to keep your playlist confidential, you can simply stop people from following the same. Make the public playlist secret.

You can do it by navigating through the playlist and making it private by right-clicking on it for a while. A popup menu will appear where you will find out the make secret option and just hit on it.

Q. Is it important for me to get the premium of Spotify available for utilizing the same?

Yes. The premium of Spotify will come with numerous benefits. It allows you to download the songs you can listen to offline as well, and also you have access to some latest songs before all the non-premium users.

Q. Is it possible for me to cancel my subscription to Spotify?

Unfortunately, if you are looking forward to canceling your subscription to Spotify, the option is available. But make sure to do it before the due date.

If the due date has been crossed, then there will be no refund, and the amount will be deducted from your account.

Q. What are the premium packages available for Spotify?

The best part about Spotify premium packages is these start from one day to a year.

If you are someone who is not working forward to get it for the complete year, you can simply switch to a weekly or monthly package. These are available at reasonable prices, and there will be no trouble at all.

Q. Is it possible for me to create my playlist for free?

If you are a premium Spotify user, there will be no problem at all. You can create your playlist for free easily. It is totally on you whether you want to keep it public or secret.

Q. What to do if I want to delete a song from my playlist?

If you are looking forward to deleting any song from your playlist, the option is right there on it. You can simply tap on the song and hold it for a while. The delete option will appear, and you can check that out.

Final Words:

Overall it is right to conclude that Spotify is the best option to consider when a user wants endless hours of entertainment with the best music. Don’t worry about anything, and start utilizing Spotify immediately.

Here we have discussed the best aspects of considering Spotify and also help you to know How To See Who Follows Your Spotify Playlist and profile. Just check them out and be ready to browse the best portal.