In an era, where digital technology has developed very much, people have found smarter ways to get their difficult tasks done more easily.

Everyone is taking advantage of this improved digital technology regardless of the fields they belong to.

This advancement in technology offers multiple software for assisting you all. Among them, image-to-text converter tools are no less important.

These tools help everyone from students to businessmen to extract the text from a particular image.

If you’re one finding the best image to text converter tools online, you have come to the right spot.  Read on further, we are enlisting the 5 best images to text converter tools down below.

How Does an Image Text Converter Work?

As we have mentioned, these tools are using advanced level digital technologies and the basic technology that is working behind extracting text from images is OCR. OCR refers to optical character recognition that uses innovative algorithms at the backend.

These algorithms are fully encoded strong databased with almost every term and word to compare your image and find the sequence of text in it.

Internet is flooded with popular AI-based image-to-text converter tools that give results in a split-second with more accuracy than ever before.

When you have numerous options out there, you may find it quite difficult to choose the best one. Here we have mentioned only the 5 best the image to text converter with the guarantee that you won’t need to waste time in finding some other one.

5 Best Image to Text Converter Tools

1# Prepostseo

There is nothing anything close to prepostseo image-to-text converter as it is offering its services entirely for free. Its easy interface makes the whole conversion process so easy that you would not feel it using it the first time.

This OCR tool extracts text from the image, digitalizes it, and makes it editable and searchable.

  • Also, prepostseo image-to-text converter works on AI-based technology that confirms the accuracy and efficiency of results.
  • Using this tool is ridiculously simple and easy.
  • Not to mention, it also supports multiple file format options.
  • The preostseo image-to-text converter allows uploading images from your devices as well as directly from the URLs.
  • The feature that makes this tool stand out among others is that it can be used on smartphones as well.

2# Imagetotext

When you are looking for an image-to-text converter that is handsome in features and does not really need much effort to start with, gives a perfect result.

It is considered a professional image-to-text converter with the most wide-ranging features for extracting text from images.

  • This tool supports multiple image formats including BMP, PNG, PCX, PDF, DJVU, and TIFF.
  • Images can be uploaded to the tool from your devices as well as directly from the sources.
  • It has the ability to recognize text in low-resolution images.
  • Text can be extracted from the selected piece of picture or the entire image.
  • It also allows saving the extracted text in different formats.

#3 Tesseract

It is one of the most advanced the image to text converter or OCR software that was first developed by the company HP IN 1994.

In 2006, when google took charge of this software, it developed stronger using Deep Learning technologies to pull out text from images.

  • It extracts text in BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF files.
  • It can be used on all operating systems that include Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • This OCR software comes entirely free.
  • You can extract text from an unlimited number of pictures quickly.

4# Editpad

The next is image to text converter tool that was also developed for pulling out text from images and make it editable.

  • It has one exceptional feature that makes it distinct from all other OCR tools.
  • This image-to-text converter is its near-perfect accuracy.
  • Moreover, it can detect all types of handwritten texts.

5# Utilities-online

Last on the list of the image-to-text converter tools is incomplete without discussing It is one of the powerful feature-packed OCR tools, that makes extracting text from all kinds of images effortless.

  • is incredibly simple to use despite its many features.
  • The tool supports almost all image formats, including PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF DJVU, and TIFF.
  • It can detect text from an image with the lowest resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Once you have selected the output file format, you can save the file in that format as well.
  • Unlike many other the image to text converters, it can understand text in multiple languages.

Wrapping Up

Image-to-text converter tools are incredibly beneficial to digitize printed and hand-written text contents as they make it exceedingly easy to save, alter and share.

And all the image-to-text converter software mentioned above is efficient, regardless of whether your objectives are basic or extensive.

Do you need the finest tools for exporting text extraction? Go to prepostseo, and However, for the simplest tools, you can check out and Tesseract.