Hey friends, on our readers’ demand, here we are going to tell, you how you can Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story.

Instagram is a widely used portal these days, and people are quite fascinated with the interface as well.

The major reason billions of people are using it is because of its unique features. If we look into the broader spectrum, it is right to conclude that this portal is helping people to grow in every aspect.

One can look at the story feature it introduces. A story feature is the ultimate option for people who want to share an update with their friends connected. People usually look forward to how to add multiple photos to one Instagram story and other options.

If you also fall in the same category of people, don’t worry. Here we are exploring all the methods through which a user will be able to do it easily.

Stay tuned with us to get an answer for the same. Let’s get started!

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Method to Consider: Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

1. Use In-built Photo Adds-on Option

Whenever you put the recent photo on the story, you will see there is a sticker option at the top of the story. This will help you to add multiple photos easily. The steps are as follows:

  • 1# At the very first, open the story

open the story

  • 2# Now select the photo and resize it accordingly.

Now select the photo and resize it accordingly

  • 3# Click on the sticker option and browse the list.
  • 4# A multiple photo icon appears right next to the camera. Click on it.

sticker option

  • 5# After clicking on it, this asks to select a photo.
  • 6# Select the photo and add it with the previous one.
  • 7# Now repeat this same procedure for all the photos you wish to add.

photos you wish to add

  • 8# When you are done with adding the photos, just post the story.

Viola! Multiple photos have been added. Also, if you wish to download the same, then before posting, click on the downloading button that appeared at the top.

Note: this is how to add multiple photos to one Instagram story iPhone and android users. If the same does not appear, then update the application and get it right away.

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2. Use Layout Tool in Instagram

Thankfully Instagram comes up with the layout tool as well. This layout tool will also help you to add multiple photos in a single story. For it, the steps are as follows:-

  • 1# At the very first, open the story page.
  • 2# Choose the layout option.

layout option

  • 3# Select the photos by clicking plus icon, given the below image.

Select the photo

  • 4# Now add images as per your selected layout.

Now add images

  • 5# Post it. And you are done!

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3. Use Swiftkey Keyboard:

Swiftkey keyboard is for all those who are not able to utilize the above-mentioned methods. But make sure, for using this option, you need to download the SwiftKey Keyboard from the Google Play store.

This one is specifically for all Android users, who are looking how to add more than one photo to Instagram story. The steps are as followed for this one:

Enable Swiftkey

  • 3# Another screen will be open, now scroll down and enable Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard.

Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard

  • 4# After enabling this option, it will take you to the previous screen automatically.
  • 5#  Here you need to click on Select SwiftKey.

Select SwiftKey

  • 6# New popup screen will open, just select the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

  • 7# Now click on finish up.

finish up

  • 8# Here it will ask you to sign in but you can also click on not now button.

click on not now button

  • 9# By using this application, your all screenshots will be converted into stickers, so make sure to take screenshots of pictures, those you want to add in your Instagram story.
  • 10# Now, move to Instagram and open the story option.open the story
  • 11# Select any picture from the gallery and hit on that picture to open the text keyboard.
  • 12# Now open the keyboard and hit on the sticker icon.

open the text keyboard

  • 13# After that, you need to click on the pin icon and then click on the camera icon.

camera icon

  • 14# From here, add on all the screenshots you have taken previously.
  • 15# After adding them, make the adjustments.
  • 16# Repeat this process to add more pictures.

add more pictures

  • 17# In this way, the story has been created, and you are all set with multiple photos in a single story.

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4. Use Photo Editing Applications:

Thanks to technology that now multiple photo editing applications are also available that will help you to get an answer for how to add two pictures to Instagram story seamlessly.

Not only two, but this will also help you to add as many photos as you want.

All you need to do is just get the photo editing app available on your device and look forward to the Grid option.

In these applications, layouts are available, and you can choose any of the layouts at your convenience.

Use photo editing applications

In some applications, there is an option available to add up to 25 photos per grid, and some offer you the option to add 50 at a time. This is on the user which application they prefer.

This one also helps you to add those photos to a story that has been recorded 24 hours before.

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FAQ: Add Multiple Photos to Your Instagram Story

Q. How do you put multiple pictures on one story on Instagram Android?

There are many ways to add multiple pictures on one Instagram story for Android. Some of the methods are given below.

  1. Inbuilt Photo add-on option
  2. Instagram layout option
  3. Using Microsoft SwiftKey application.
  4. Using other 3rd party apps.

Above this article, you can check the step-by-step process for all these methods.

Q. How do I make a collage of pictures on my Instagram story?

You can use the layout option to collage pictures. Open the story option then click on the layout option, available on the left side. Choose your favorite layout and make a picture collage. You can check our 2nd method for the same.

Q. How do you layer pictures on Instagram stories?

Simply, you use the photo add-on feature in the Instagram app. For that, you need to click on the sticker option and here you will find this photo add-on feature to layer pictures on Instagram stories. Above, you can check our 1st method for step by step process.

Q. Where is the photo sticker option on Instagram?

The photo sticker option, you can find on the top when you click on “add story” option on your Instagram application.

Q. How do you put pictures and videos together on Instagram stories?

It is very simple to put pictures and videos together. First of all, add any video on the Instagram story and then click on the sticker option, which is available on the top. Now click on the photo add-on icon to add pictures on your video. Above, you can check our 1st method for the photo add-on feature.

Q. How can I make a photo collage?

To make a photo collage, you can use Instagram’s layout option. This option is in-built in the application. Above in this article, on the 2nd method, you will get the step-by-step process to do the same.

Q. Do I need to pay any amount for using the third-party applications?

It is totally up to the user which application they prefer. Some applications prefer the features for free, and at the same, you need to get a subscription.

Q. What if I am not able to find out the add photo option?

If the add photo option has not appeared, then simply visit the application store and update the application. Within no time, you will be able to see the option.

Q. Can I add ten photos at a time?

Yes. It is totally on the user about how many photos they want to add to the story. Additionally, if a user wants to add on the effects to the photos, the same can also be done easily. Just explore the effects available.

Q. Is there any need for me to use VPN when I want to use the photo editing application?

The photo editing applications are quite safe to use. So, there will be no specific need for you to integrate VPN. It is totally your choice whether you want to get it for the sake of security.


So here, we have explored the best possible methods that will help you to add multiple photos in Instagram story easily.

There is no need for you to search any other method because all of the above-mentioned ones are reliable and will help you to add on the photos easily. But make sure, in the Instagram Story, you can share the photos which you have taken in the last 24 hours.

If you want to share the photos you have taken days back, then you need to use some other options like the photo editing app one we have shared.

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