Parents across the globe are in search of a peaceful atmosphere. But at the same moment, they are anxious about their kids’ security and mental health.

With the spontaneous growth in technology, it has become easy to chat and communicate with anyone living far away. This indeed has some benefits in terms of connecting with your dear ones effortlessly.

But technology has also welcomed many cybercrimes and threats in human lives. That is why parents are concerned about their kids, as they can easily be harassed or threatened by harassers or online predators.

This advancement in technology has also marked significant outcomes in terms of spying on your kids and employees.

Spy apps for Android is a commonly used term nowadays. Spy apps have obtained their importance by the rough use of mobile phones and smart devices. For example, an Android spy app helps you spy on your children. You can now track your children’s mobile activities and remote working employees by doing your routine duties and household chores.

Down this line there are some fundamental purposes why you should consider spying on your loved ones.

  1. Forming a peaceful atmosphere.
  2. Employee monitoring.
  3. Digital parenting.
  4. Spouse monitoring.
  5. Discovering live locations.
  6. Back-up Android smart devices.

Android spyware assists you by spying on the remote actions of your target device. A target user won’t be able to detect the spy app working in the background. Linking your device with any spy app supports you to recover your lost mobile data in a couple of minutes.

Top 3 Spy Apps:

In this current scenario, people are curious to know what their loved ones are doing and how they communicate or share their private information. If you search “Best Spy Apps for Android” on your browser, you would be surprised to know that hundreds of spy apps assist people in spying on their kids, partners, and business employees. For your better understanding, we have compiled a review of the top 3 free spy apps for Android in this piece of writing.

Let’s now head towards the top three spy apps working in stealth mode to provide end-user with a complete detail about their target device:

  1. TheWiSpy – Android Spy App
  2. FlexiSpy – Android Spyware
  3. mSpy – Hidden Android           Spy App

TheWiSpy – Android Spy App:


TheWiSpy Android Spy App is the most useful Mobile Tracker App. It helps you track the cell phone’s text messages, mobile calls, and gallery, but it also has a feature of social media spying tools. It traces calls, cameras, locations, MMS, etc.

Main Features:

  • # Call Spy:

TheWiSpy will let you monitor all call logs. You can obtain contact details such as the contact name, timings, and numbers.

  • # SMS Spy:

You can spy on the SMS of the target’s phone. That infers you can view conversations, view history, and delete messages.

  • # Access MMS Files:

You can view multimedia stored on the target device remotely, including videos, audio, and photos.

  • # Spy on Social Media Apps:

The exceptional facility of TheWiSpy android spy app enables you to spy on social media apps. It lets you spy on the news feeds, messages, & calls, of all Social apps (WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram etc.).

  • # Emails and browsing history check:

TWS permits you to review emails and web browsing history with its exceptional feature.

  • # Microphone Access:

TheWiSpy offers a great feature of microphone access and surround recording. It enables you to hear the surroundings of your target device.

  • # Location Tracking:

Everybody wants to know the present locations of their target users. TheWiSpy offers two spying services:

  • # Trace GPS Location:

GPS location service permits you to know the live location of your target device. The app further helps you know the visited places. So you can quickly discover the locations of the target user.

  • # GeoFencing:

This service allows you to mark the positions on the phone’s map through TheWiSpy. In addition, you can mark dangerous and safe areas on the map. TWS notified you.

  • # Price Plans of TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy has three price plans that offers distinctive features:

Basic Pricing Plan:

  • 1-month license = $29.99
  • 3-months license= $49.99
  • 6-months license = $89.99

Premium Pricing Plan:

  • 1-month license = $39.99
  • 3-months license = $69.99
  • 6-months license = $99.99

Platinum Pricing Plan:

  • 1-month license = $49.99
  • 3-months license =$79.99
  • 6-months license= $79.99


All Android smart devices are compatible with TWS. However, a physical approach is required for installation.

FlexiSpy – Android Spyware:


FlexiSpy is an Android spying app or software that offers modern features for spying reasons. However, the app primarily offers remotely controlled access to the end-users. Furthermore, it works only on rooted smart devices.


  • #Call and SMS spying:

You can trace calls with remote access using FlexiSpy. You can enable the call spying feature from the control panel to record the call and read the messages sent or received.

  • # Social Apps spy:

You can use FlexiSpy to spy on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook messages, newsfeeds and calls; all these social apps help you connect with your friends and family living far away.

  • # Geofence alarms:

You will get prompt notifications when your kid or employee visits a confined area. This feature helps you take immediate actions to save and secure your child.

  • # Trace Locations:

Locating kids of this age is a real struggle, but the app has made it more straightforward by contributing. In addition, you can review the location by approving this feature.


FlexiSpy- a spying app is highly compatible with all Android rooted devices; it allows you to control your target device through an online panel.


It has three distinctive pricing packages to offer its users that are:

  1. Lite : $29.95
  2. Premium : $68
  3. Extreme : $199

mSpy – Hidden Android Spy App:


mSpy is a spying app that is needed to spy on kids, employees or spouses. It has easy use the exceptional spying features that help in tracing the target devices. In addition, you can receive immediate results without rooting the device. Read mSpy Detailed Review.


  • # GPS locations:

You can receive the location of a target device by using this feature. mSpy provides live locations using this feature. GPS locations through mSpy help you know the whereabouts of your employees and kids.

  • # Messages and Calls Spy:

Kids usually connect with others in different ways like messages, calls etc., mSpy permits you to hold them through its advanced features.

  • # Keylogger:

mSpy can store the keystrokes and passwords through the latest feature of keylogging.

  • # Control Apps:

mSpy helps you in controlling various apps and their usage. Further, you can restrict unpleasant apps that you think can damage your child’s mental health.

  • # View Current Screen:

You can easily view the present screen of the target device by using mSpy.

  • # Read Emails:

Read and make sure that all the new and old emails of the target device do not contain anything crucial that can harm the user.


TheWiSpy, FlexiSpy and mSpy are the widely spread software that allows you to spy on your target device. You can use any of these spy apps, but the app that would best match your requirements is TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpy has extraordinary features, high compatibility and inexpensive price plans. Let’s just cut the matter short here; you can experience TWS using a free trial period.