When we talk about one of the first-person online tactical shooter games, then Rainbow six siege comes first. It has become so popular now that many gamers stream and play this game.

One more benefit of this game is that it can be streamed online. And one can enjoy it with one’s buddies, family members, and others. For streaming Rainbow Six Siege Discord, you do not have to do much about it.

When you play this game, you will see that there are many bots on the Discord server that are available.

What you have to do is to add those bots to the server. And then you will become ready to share your screen with anybody you want. The process is not so complex and anybody can follow it to gain an audience.

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Considerable Things on Stream Rainbow Six Siege on Discord

All set to stream and play the game? Wait! To stream rainbow six siege, you have to keep a few necessary things in your mind. This game is basically a first-person online tactical shooter game. And can be played individually as well as in a team.

However, most of the players prefer playing in a group as it brings more fun. The following things are necessary to keep in mind while playing rainbow six siege discord-

  • High RAM and ROM capacity is needed in your desktop as it is a heavy game.
  • Rainbow Six Siege is not free. You have to purchase it. And then download it. After that, the installation process starts.
  • And now the most important part. You should have Discord on your personal computer. That is it! You are all set.

Streaming Rainbow Six Siege Discord – Step-by-step Process

First and foremost you have to enter into some channel or server in Discord. If you want to start your own separate server or a channel you can do the same.

The choice is yours. You want to enter someone’s channel or create your own. By following a few simple steps you can stream your gameplay on Discord.

The process is quite simple. It is just as if you are mirroring your screen and sharing them with your friends. Let us discuss how can we do it in a detailed manner-

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Step-1: Install and Open in Your PC

The first step is the most simple of all. You just have to download Discord from the browser on your personal computer. After installing the discord, just open it and create your new account.

For that, you will need an email id and a strong password. After creating a new account just log in with the same. And yeah that is it!

 Step-2: Enter Discord Channel Name

Now because you want to stream this game, you will have to share your screen. For that, you have to go to the discord server first. After that, you have to join some channel where you can stream your video or game.

You can join your friend’s channel or else you can create your own. There are various channels presented in social media also. The choice is very simple.

Step-3: Install and Open Rainbow Six Siege

You are almost done with everything as you have joined or created a channel on Discord. What now? Go to the browser and purchase the Rainbow Six Siege first-person game from there. Make sure that it is virus and malware-free.

After purchasing the game, install it on your personal computer. You have two options now. Either you play it on your own or you can make a cool team with your friends and family.

If you want to play it with a team, there are platforms like Reddit where they present the names of various channels and teams.

With the use of these team finder tools, you can make sure whether they stream on discord or not.

There present some interesting servers for Rainbow six siege. These are OCE servers.

This term refers to the servers formed by players from oceanic countries and regions. Like New Zealand, Australia, regions near Fiji, etc.

You can find such servers in various social media platforms. They have mentioned names of them in different ways.

Now at last just join a server for streaming rainbow six siege discord through an invitation link. A monitor sign will be there on the server’s profile. It should be in the top right corner.

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Step-4: Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Stream on Discord

First, you have to make sure that the game tab is already open on your desktop or not. After that, you have to enter some channels to start streaming. The Channels’ names will be on the left side of the screen.

After entering the channels, you have to take permission from the host to start streaming.

However, if you have your own channels and you are the host itself, then you can do it directly. In both methods, you will get an option i.e. SCREEN on the bottom left corner of your computer screen.

After clicking on that, you will see that all the tabs of your computer screen are visible on your page of Discord. The game tab will be there also. From there, you just have to click on Rainbow six siege and a notification bar will pop up.

It will show you two options. These are Go Live and Cancel. You have to choose the Go live option to stream Rainbow six siege on discord.

Step-5: Permission for Audio

After going live, there is still one more thing left. When you click on the go live button, one more notification bar will appear. This notification will ask you for permission for audio. Check here, if you want to change the notification sound in Discord.

This bar will appear at the top left corner and you just have to click on the allow option on it.

After that your gameplay will start streaming. You can also add the rainbow six siege discord bot on your server and assign a job for it. Once your screen will be streamed, it will look like the below.



How can I add audio while streaming rainbow six sieges on Discord?

A notification bar will appear at the time when you click on the GO LIVE button. It will ask you for permission for audio connectivity. You just have to click on the ALLOW button if you want to add audio while streaming rainbow six sieges on Discord.

How do you get the Discord overlay in Rainbow Six Siege?

If you want the discord overlay in Rainbow Six Siege then go on the gear icon present in the bottom left corner of the screen. A list of settings will appear. When you scroll down you will find an option of GAME OVERLAY. After clicking on that, just click on the activity status present in the sidebar. And that is it. Simple!

Can I stream Rainbow six siege on Discord?

Yes, of course. With proper knowledge of streaming and screen sharing, you can stream rainbow six siege on discord. You just have to follow a few simple steps which are described above.

Can you stream r6?

R6 refers to the Rainbow six siege. With proper knowledge of streaming and screen sharing, you can stream rainbow six siege on discord. You just have to follow a few simple steps which are described above.

Does r6 have a toxic community?

Because of its high level of competitiveness and anonymity r6 is said to have a toxic community. But remember that nothing is toxic until we make it.