Do you want to View Instagram Private Accounts/Profiles? Are you searching for a perfect resource that can help you in finding the same? If yes, we are here with the best solutions for you. It is regardless of how popular Instagram has become these days.

Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms for uploading and sharing photographs and videos with others in one’s network.

Whether you want to show your family or friends how exciting was your last holiday trip or you are eager to showcase your talent with the vast audience out there, Instagram provides users a perfect way to go on.

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How to View Instagram Private Profiles (Without Survey)

Being an Instagram user, you will be aware of the words ‘Public or Regular’. These public or regular Instagram accounts tend to be a huge headache for the majority of the profile owners.

We could not deny the fact that the majority of the people around us tend to spy on others’ life and activities. And that is something that can create trouble in the future for some of the users.

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Instagram well takes care of the privacy of its users and that’s why it has provided privacy options.

Just like other social media sources such as Facebook, and Twitter, users of Instagram can also make their accounts private and can hide all of their photos and videos from the people who are not following them.

Once you have made your Instagram private profile, other people will only be able to see your profile picture and biography and nothing else.

instagram follow request

It sounds amazing, right?

But if you feel curious to check out a private account?

If you don’t know, no need to panic, as we are here with some of the finest solutions that can help to view a private Instagram account quite conveniently.

You can easily make use of these apps for spying on others’ accounts quite conveniently. If you don’t know which one to choose, here we are with the best ones for you.

1. How to View Private Instagram Accounts with eyeZy 

So to view private Instagram profiles, using eyeZy tracker is the first method to do the same. But before going forward let us know a little bit about what the eyeZy tracker is.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts with eyeZy

Eyezy, we will say, a family location tracker. This tracker allows you to open and view private Instagram accounts. This is the most secure method of all because as a parent you can see what your child is doing on social media accounts. What are the messages they are receiving and sending? The links they are receiving and sending and all of that. 

Use your left or right arrow keys or drag and drop with the mouse to change the gradient position. Press the button to change the color or remove the control point.

When we talk about Instagram and similar social media platforms, children are the easy target of hackers and predators. They can get private information about families very easily from children. And that is the reason they target children.

Once you download an eyezy tracker on your android smartphone, you can frequently check what your child is doing on the internet. It provides 24/7 service. You can also check all the direct messages they receive. 

The tracker supports all android devices. But if you want to open a private account, the tracker has to start rooting the device which you have targeted. Following are the steps that you can follow to do the same.

Obtain Your eyeZy Subscription 

According to your basic needs to track the activity of your child or anyone on the internet and Instagram, you can choose the subscription. 

First of all, you have to go to the official website of eyeZy tracker. After that, they will ask you for a subscription. As per your needs or requirements, they will provide you with different versions of the tracker.

Once you complete the payment process you can go further.

Install the eyeZy App on the Target Phone 

We recommend Eyezy as the best Private Instagram Tracker. As you have subscribed to the eyeZy tracker, the next step is to download and install the tracker on the targeted device. The details will be provided to you about the installation process shortly after you subscribed to it. 

Now if you are an android user, then as discussed before, you have to root your device. It has a dedicated tool for that.

If you are getting confused, you can take help from customer care. Or you can do it on your own. You just have to find settings and then give permission to the third party.

Once every requirement is fulfilled, you just have to download the app from its official website. After that install it and run the application. You will have to enter all your credentials for login. Give all the required permissions that the application asks for.

Access the Private Instagram Viewer 

The major part is already done. Now you just have to go to the control panel. And for tracking Instagram, you have to sign in. 

There you will find the Instagram section. All the messages and media that your child or anyone you want to track will be visible to you. Media includes all the saved photos as well as videos. The links which are exchanged will also be there. 

With the help of the KEY LOGGER feature of the tracker, you can get information on all the credentials of your child. And you can frequently check what your person is doing on Instagram.

2. View Private Instagram Account with

It is another best private Instagram viewer platform in the series that helps you in hacking any of your preferable private accounts without any issues.

It is a free platform that you can easily use on different operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS quite conveniently. The best thing about this wonderful web platform is that it offers users the facility of accessing private Instagram accounts without requiring any surveys to attend.

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3. How to View Private Instagram Stories with Glassagram

Here is a secret we want to share with you. If you eagerly want to view stories of some person you are not following. But their account is private. You can now do that. 

A very new application known as GLASSGRAM makes you watch all the stories as an anonymous user of private instagram profiles. 

4. InstaLooker

If you are interested in getting an Instagram viewer app that can help you in accessing private Instagram accounts without spending any charges, InstaLooker is the one that we will suggest to you.


it is one of the finest and easiest apps to use where you just need to make a very few clicks to proceed further with the process. The app successfully fetches the respective feeds and offers users the facility of viewing and downloading any of the photos from the private Instagram accounts without any issues.

The only drawback of this app is that you have to complete the different surveys before accessing it.

5. PrivateInsta

PrivateInsta is one of the best and most popular private Instagram viewer apps that helps you in spying on a private account without signing into your private account.


It is a wonderful app that is being designed to work effortlessly on different platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android and OSX, etc. The app has been made very user-friendly and it helps the users to browse the photos and videos of any private account quite easily.

6. InstaRipper

InstaRipper is a wonderful tool that is specially designed for all those who want to keep an eye on some private accounts without letting them know.


The app is specially designed to work effortlessly on desktops and smartphones and can be easily downloaded for free from its official website just within a few seconds.

The app offers users the facility of viewing and downloading the photos of a private account just within a few seconds.

7. Instagram Private Profile Viewer

Check Here

Instagram Private Profile Viewer is another wonderful private Instagram viewing app that has made it quite easier to spy on private Instagram accounts.

It is a free app that hardly takes a very few minutes of yours to provide your preferable data without any issues. You simply have to add up the username of the private account you want to access and also have to add up the maximum number of photos you want to check out, that’s it.

Once done, you will be redirected to the Instagram servers and will successfully retrieve the photos you are looking forward to checking in.

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8. IGLookup

IGLookup is another gem in the list of apps designed for viewing private Instagram accounts. The app is free to use on and helps users in checking out someone’s private Instagram accounts without requiring you to have an account. Now, that is something that seems to be unique and amazing, right?


You just have to open up your IGLookup on your browser and just have to add up the username of the Instagram account you want to hack on. A quite an easy and simple process it is. Once you will do it, the app will connect you to Instagram and will help you in fetching photos from your target account.

9. InstaDPY

InstaDPS is one of the finest private Instagram viewing apps in the series that is designed to be quite simple and easy to use.

It is a free private Instagram viewer app where you just have to add up the Instagram username of your targeted private Instagram account for proceeding up further with the process.

The servers scan the related Instagram account and provide access to you just within a few seconds. Users here are free to save and download the related private Instagram account without any issues.

How to View Private Instagram Accounts: Must-Try Hacks

Technology has blessed us all with the best inventions. Everything in this technological world brings up new hope to society and that is something that has eased up the lives of millions of users globally.

A large number of hacks have been developed, you can use for checking out one’s private account without signing up for another 3rd party account.

Here are a few quick hacks you can try if you want to check some private accounts. Although the success rate of these hacks are not the same as eyeZy and glassgram. But who knows luck.

Send a Follow Request

The first and easiest thing you can do to check anyone’s private Instagram account, just send them a follow request. Sending the following request to private accounts is not a big deal. Just like regular accounts you just have to tap on the follow button for notifying the users at another end regarding your request.

send follow request

One needs to be patient throughout as it may sometimes take a long time in approving your follow request.

Once your follow request is being accepted you will be able to view the related Instagram private profile without any issues.

Check On Google

When nothing helps, Google is there for you. If you want to see photos of some person and they are not accepting your follow request. You can try this.

  See, Google has some archives of the photos that were uploaded when the accounts were not private. So if you are lucky, you can definitely find them on google.

 For that, simply search the username on google, or on any other browser. After doing that so many results related to that username will be shown up. Click on the image option and all the images will be visible.

Now finding your concerned image may become difficult from so many photos over there but you definitely can.

Search Other Platforms 

This is the most common technique used by a number of users. If the Instagram account of your person is private that does not mean that. Every account on of them will be private. There are so many platforms that you search to get to know about them.

 If you know their full name and their place, you can get more information about them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, e.t.c. We are pretty sure you will get enough from these platforms.

Do some research and get your results.

View Through A Friend

When nothing helps, friends come for your rescue. Okay let us not make it more weird. But yes it is true. If you truly want to check the profile of some person but it is private. You can go to your friends for that.

If they are following that person, then you can simply check the profile without any hassle. But they too are not following the person, ask them to send follow request first. If you are lucky, the person will accept it and you can see the profile.

Make Use of Fake Instagram Account

What to do if you are interested in checking out the private account of someone, but he/she ignores or does not accept your follow request? A quite annoying situation?

Well, don’t; worry. If someone is not accepting your follow request from your original Instagram account, try using some other or fake one.

You can create and make use of a fake Instagram account for convincing those who are not in the mood of sharing their posts with you.

fake instagram account

You will get surprised to know that the majority of the fake accounts on different social media accounts are being created in the name of females. It is a bitter but true reality of our society that the following requests of females are being accepted and processed quite faster than that of males. If you also have created your fake Instagram account in the name of females, the chances are quite higher that your request will be processed quite faster.

While creating such a fake Instagram account, just make sure that you are keeping your account private. It will not only keep you safe throughout the process but will also encourage the user on the other end to spy on you by sending you the following request in return.

Make sure you have added up some of the photos earlier in this fake account so that it appears to be a genuine one.

Use IGmods

IGmods has a website that enables you to check the profiles which are actually private. Following are the steps that you have to follow for using

For iPhone Users 

  • Open the settings of the phone. Go to the general option in it.
  • Search for “background app refresh”, and click the ON button.
  • If your device is on the low power mode, turn off the mode in the battery section.
  • Go to the App Store, and turn on Auto- downloads.
  • After that search
  • You will find so many options. Search for the “view private account” option from those.
  • You will see a search box after that. Search for the username you want to see.
  • After clicking connect, wait for the system to respond.
  • A confirmation note will appear to confirm the account you wanted to see. Tap on confirm if the profile is right.
  • It will take some time to load the data of the private profile.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Now you will be able to see all the information, photos and videos on the instagram of the person.

For PC Users and Android Users 

Use eyeZy 

If you use a personal computer, you can simply use eyeZy to get to know about personal accounts. Follow the below steps to do the same.

  • Go to the website of eyeZy. Search for “private Instagram viewer option”.
  • Enter your desired username in the search box.
  • Confirm the profile by verifying the following and followers and the display picture of the person to proceed further.
  • After verifying, tap on the CONFIRM option below.
  • After that the tracker will ask you what you want to check. It can be photos or followers.

There is one more option i.e.

Unlock Profiles So You Can See People’s Private Profiles

  • You will be required to fill the captcha once you click the “unlock profile” button.
  • Now you simply open your own account. Refresh the page again and see whether the desired profile is made public or not.
  • Voila. You can now see all the photos and information from there.

Use The Instagram++ Extension

If you want to get an improved version of Instagram, we can say that the instagram++ extension gives that to you. This is absolutely free to use. 

For iPhone users: 

If you are an iPhone user and want to see the data of a private account, follow the below steps.

  1. First of all, you have to turn off the auto-rotation of your phone.
  2. Now in the setting, tap on the GENERAL option. Turn on the “background app refresh”
  3. This is the link you have to open. Now after scrolling down you will see the search bar.
  4. Instagram++ will be found by entering Instagram on the search option.
  5. Now simply download the extension. It can take some time to load. 
  6. After that search for the private account, you wanted to see.

For Android Users:

If you are an android user the process is almost similar to that of iPhone users. First of all, switch off the auto-rotation of your phone. 

After that search Now the further process is the same as with the iPhone. Get to know more about the person whose account is private.

Use The UnlockPrivate App

If you want to see the information of a private profile, unlock private app is another method to do it. You have to download and install the XTweak app for it first. Then only you can use it.

After that make sure that “background app refresh” is already turned on. Also, you have to check whether the low power mode is turned off or not. This will enable other apps to run in a smooth manner. 

Now search for a private account viewer and install it on your device.

That is it. You will be able to see the private account information from there.

Steps to Download and View UnlockPrivate App for Android Users 

By following these simple steps you can download the UnlockPrivate app on your android phone. 

  1. You must have already downloaded the XTweak app on your phone. 
  2. Now in the application, you have to search for that username.
  3. Minimize your phone screen to make the Unlock Private app visible only.
  4. It can take some time to load the data of the desired private profile you wanted to see.
  5. Click on the back button. And voila. You can now see all the information about them.

What is a Private Instagram Profile?

When you make an account on Instagram, it gives you two options. You can keep it public or you can make it private. If you opt for option one, anyone from the world can go through your account and see your photos and videos. If you choose option number two then only your followers can see the information you have uploaded on your profile.

Is There a Legit Way to Work out How to View Private Instagram Profiles?

When we talk about the legit way, then there is only one option you can choose from. That is sending the requests to follow. If they accept your following request, you will be able to see the data on their account.

What are Other Ways to Look at Private Instagram Profiles?

If you do not want to send them a request and still want to see their photos and videos you can try other methods. These include eyeZy method, Glassgram, using IGmod, e.t.c. You can refer to the above article if you want to know the detailed steps of them.

How Can You Make Your Profile Private?

If you want to make your profile private you have to go on the setting option that you can find on your profile. After that click on the privacy option. There you can make your profile private. Activate your profile as a private one.


Spying on some private Instagram accounts has remained no more an issue now. If you want to check out someone’s photos, stories, and videos, but are failing to do so as it is a private one, you just need to use a very few tricks only.

The guide is designed to provide you with a complete overview of various solutions that can help you access private Instagram accounts without any problem.

Along with some of the most popular Instagram viewing apps, we also have added up very few basic tricks to spy on a private Instagram account without any issue.

We don’t appreciate going with some cracking or spyware tools as they can cause some serious threats to your security and privacy.

So, if you are not preferring cracking and spyware tools, please make sure to go with the very first two ways we have enlisted here in this guide.

FAQ About View Instagram Private Accounts:

Q. How can I view a private Instagram account for free?

There are of few online tools available on the web platform, where you can see a private Instagram account or profile for free. Some of them are given below.

  • PrivateInsta
  • InstaRipper

Q. Is it possible to view private Instagram without following?

Generally, it is not possible to view a private account’s private photos without following that account first. But you can access these details by using 3rd party tools. In this article, we have mentioned some of these useful tools available online for free.

Q. Does private Instagram viewer work?

Yes, If you are using the right tool then it does work properly. There are lots of third-party tools available to view private Instagram profiles but not all of them work properly. Above we have given some of the best tools available online.  These tools can show someone’s private Instagram photos, stories, and videos without letting them know.

Q. How can I see private Instagram stories without them knowing?

Instagram Stories are only visible to the people you choose to share your stories with. In order to view someone else’s story, you will need one of the third-party tools. tool is the best in the market. You can view other people’s stories by searching their usernames in the search bar without letting them know.

Q. Can You View Private Instagram Accounts without Using a Third Party? 

You can search for the username on google. If it has archives of their profile, you can see that. Also, you can ask your friend to send them the following request. You can also try to search for them on other social media platforms.

Q. Why Do I Want to Hack an Instagram Account?

There might be several reasons for it. Maybe you want to see their photos and videos. Or you want to get to know about them. And you do not like to send them to follow request for some purpose.

Q. How to Hack a Private Instagram Account?

Hacking private, as well as public Instagram accounts, is entirely illegal. If you want to see the photos and other information on private profiles, you can use the above methods. The above methods are easy to use and more reliable.

Q. Is There a Way to See Private Instagram Profiles?

Yes, there are. If you do not want to use any third-party app, you can request them to accept your following request. You can search their profile on google to see their photos. Also, you take the help of your friends.

Q. Is It Illegal to View a Private Instagram Account? 

If the person in front is allowing you to see their profile, then yes it is absolutely legal. Unless you are a parent of your minor child and tracking the information, it is okay. But if you are doing it without the permission of the profile owner, then it is not okay.

Q. Why Would You Want to View a Private Instagram Account? 

There may be various reasons for that. Maybe the person you want to know about is not receiving your friend request. Or you do not want to send them the following request and still want to see the data of that profile.

Q. Should I Use a Free Service to Hack an Instagram Account?

There might be techniques to use free service to hack an Instagram account. But it is to inform you that it is purely illegal to do. You can try methods if you want to see their photos. But that too is inappropriate if you are doing this without their permission.

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