Nobody likes to be so public on Instagram, even if it is crucial for gaining new followers.

Moreover, while it may not be the most important component, being able to browse Stories anonymously is similar to finding out who is avoiding following you back on Instagram. So, it’s not necessary, but it’s amusing!

However, the most difficult element of Insta-stalking somebody is avoiding being detected when viewing Instagram Stories by circumventing the Instagram Story viewer lists.

So, how would you avoid getting caught? Continue reading to learn the best tricks and tips about viewing anonymously Instagram stories without an account.

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How You Can View Instagram Stories Anonymously Without the Other Person Finding Out

It’s vital to remember that the person who uploaded the story may see who saw it while watching it on Instagram Stories. This isn’t an issue in most cases, but there could be times when you wish to view someone’s Instagram Stories privately.

There are several alternative ways to see Stories without revealing your identity to the publisher, but each option has various degrees of effectiveness.

Airplane Mode

By assuring that your smartphone is in airplane mode when tapping on somebody’s Instagram Stories, you may see them discreetly.

You may view one without being noticed since Instagram preloads multiple stories to allow quick viewing even when you don’t have stable Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.

To do so, open the Instagram application and go to the user’s account, then turn on airplane mode on your smartphone before returning to the application and pressing on the person’s stories.

Nevertheless, if the person in issue has submitted several articles in a row, the app is unlikely to have downloaded all of them; thus, they will not be available in flight mode.

Fake Account

Just using an Instagram profile that is not instantly identified as yours is probably the easiest approach to reading somebody’s Instagram Stories discreetly.

When you already have another profile in place, it’s as simple as linking it to Instagram, then reverting back and forth between the two when you would like to sneak a peek at somebody’s Instagram Stories.

You’ll have to register a new Instagram profile if you’ve not previously done so before integrating it into your application.

Best Instagram Story Viewers for PC, Android, and IOS

Instagram Story Viewer is a web-based application that allows you to browse Instagram Stories anonymously. Every active Instagram user’s active Stories and Highlights may be accessed.

Without the need for a profile, you may view any open profile’s Instagram Stories instantly and secretly.

You would never feature in the viewer listings because you did not provide your details to acquire accessibility to the Stories/Enjoy Stories from a free online Instagram platform.

Simply type in the name of somebody’s profile. You may do it from any computer or mobile device with Internet connectivity. From a desktop, smartphone, tablet, or another device, you may view any Instagram story anonymously. Here is some best Instagram Story Viewer for Android, iOS, PC: – Best Instastories Viewer for PC

It is widely considered to be the finest Instagram Story Viewer on PC. It’s a well-known incognito Instagram story watcher. It enables people to save and see Instagram stories, posts, and highlights while remaining anonymous. The nicest part about the online tool is that it doesn’t require you to log in. Furthermore, it is completely free to use.

Simply type the account username into the search field to take advantage of it. This technique, however, may only be used to acquire public accounts, not personal Instagram accounts. You may quickly access highlights, stories, and publications while using the software without the profile owners realizing it. To top it off, you may use this program to download high-quality content.

How to?

  1. Enter the Instagram account’s URL or username that you wish to see privately.
  2. Cut/paste into the platform’s search window, then hit Search or Enter.
  3. You’ll be transported to the person’s account, where you may view all of your visible personal info.

Note: This includes your Instagram profile names and pictures, amount of followers and subscribers, biographies, and incognito mode for watching stories, live broadcasts, and postings (photos and videos with descriptions).

  1. To save a post or a published story from somebody else’s Instagram profile, first view the publication or story (you will see a new window). There is a Download option in the languages of your selection at the top. Once you hit the button, the information will be downloaded to your PC.

Note: videos and photographs would be stored in the Downloads library and smartphone; the downloaded information would display in the Android or iPhone Gallery or Downloads folder. – Best IG Stories Viewer App for Android and IOS

It is often recognized as the most excellent digital tool for iOS and Android smartphones. It’s another good choice on the greatest story watchers list. The program strives to prioritize simplicity above complexity in its user interface. When you start the program, you are greeted with a message box. This Instagram story viewer app for iOS and Android will help if you put the username of the Instagram profile you want to access into the message box. It can be regarded as the best Insta Stories Anonymous Story Viewer for PC, Android, iOS!

The name can be typed into the text area. You may not only download IG stories using this program, but you may also download and browse clips, photographs, and other sorts of information from your Instagram profile. You can also share the stories you shoot with the technology across other social networking sites to cap it off. Now, view anonymously Instagram stories without an account with ease!

Among all the other characteristics, Stories IG prioritizes general minimalism. As a consequence, it’s a straightforward tool. Nevertheless, it ensures that the desired task is done without difficulty.

How to?

  1. Type the username which piques your attention.
  2. Take a few seconds after clicking the View option. StoriesIG looks for the person’s pictures and videos.
  3. Watch Instagram stories anonymously online without revealing your identity. In just one click, you may Save images and videos from Instagram.

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How Can You Download Videos, Pictures, and Stories from Someone’s Instagram Account Using Incognito Mode?

The only way to see somebody else’s story is to use one of the many free Instagram Story Viewers. The accounts do not allow you to download movies, images, or stories. Only your profile information is available for download. Here’s an interesting application to be used to watch Instagram stories incognito:

InstaSaver App – Best Instagram Video Downloader

InstaSave is a free and useful utility application that allows you to download Instagram Stories without app privately and save them on your gadget. You may save, download, and repost every picture or video you view on Instagram using this little software.

As far as everybody understands, you can’t download or repost photos on Instagram without using third-party programs like this Instasave smartphone app. It’s simple to use, and there’s no need to sign up to see what it has to offer.

Instasave not only allows you to download and end up saving video and picture content from Instagram, but it also allows you to zoom in and out on the information you’re staring at. This tool supports video playback functions such as fast forward and backward in Instagram videos and is indeed the best viewer to watch and download reels and IGTV anonymously.

How to?

Using this application isn’t any rocket science. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the video you wish to download. Now press the Download option to begin downloading and saving the file once the process is done.


There seem to be several reasons why someone would love to anonymously view Instagram Stories of another person. While someone may want to spy on their crush or their ex-partner and see what they are up to, that may not be the only reason to do so.

Prior to reaching out to an influencer for an initiative, brands, and marketing companies may want to undertake an anonymized survey, which involves anonymous online research Stories information.

As we mentioned, viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously has several reasons behind it. We hope you like our article on what you wanted to learn for viewing someone else’s stories anonymously. You can download the anonymous stories viewer for Instagram mentioned here to make the job easier for yourself!