Watermark Videos in VLC Media Player: We are in a generation, where the chances of scams are quite high. For example, if we have posted any content on any social media handle and have not put any identification mark over it, anyone can claim that it belongs to them.

But if we have put any identification mark, the same cannot be done. This is especially for videos we are posting.

Right now, people are using VLC media player because it helps them to watermark the videos as well. If you have no idea what we are talking about here, we will discuss it in detail.

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Why Do People Consider Watermarking the Video?

People consider watermarking the video because it clearly indicates that the content belongs to them and no other can have access to it.

Sometimes the chances of Plagiarism have been noticed when there was no identification mark or watermark available on the video and users feel disappointed for no reason.

At that moment, watermarking has been considered, and the chances of Plagiarism are a downfall. This means that after applying the watermark, if a user wants to utilize the same video, they can post it with the watermark along with credits, and in some cases, they need to seek permission from the owner of the videos.

What Features VLC Media Player Offers?

Multiple features are there included in the VLC media player. It is not only for playing the videos, but it is also sufficient for inserting logos and watermarks over the videos.

Follow These Steps to Watermark Videos Using VLC Media Player:

  • 1# At the very first, you need to check out whether the VLC media player is successfully installed in your system or not. Some users get a VLC media player in their system, but it is not successfully installed, which does not let them have access to multiple features.
  • 2# After checking it out, move to the tools menu which is available at the top of the screen.
  • 3# In the tools menu, the Effects and Filter option is available to click on it.

Effects and Filter option

  • 4# When you click on it, a popup appears select the Video Effects you want, and make all the relevant settings required.

select the Video Effects

  • 5# Add logo box is also available. Simply upload the image there and adjust the position with the help of the fields available. Make all the desired changes according to the preview you what.
  • 6# Also, it is not compulsory to have a logo. If you want to insert any text as a watermark, the same can be easily done, and click on add text box available. You can set up the position of your text, and it will appear according to the settings you have done.
  • 7# Preview the same and then click on the close button.
  • 8# Now to save your edited video, you need to click on the Media menu in the top left corner and select the Convert/Save option.
  • 9# Now you need to click on Add button to select your file, and it will appear in the box.
  • 10# You need to click on the Convert/Save button. A box will open where you have to choose the right destination folder to save your file. Now you need to type a name to save your file. Click on the Save button and the conversion will start to begin.

click on the ConvertSave button

  • 11# When you click on the save button, all the desired changes will get saved.

These are the steps a user needs to follow whenever they want to watermark the image with the help of a VLC Media Player. Make sure to follow the right steps to get the results you are expecting.

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Final Note:

So this is about the Watermark Videos With Logo or Text in the VLC media player. Don’t worry about anything when the VLC media player is there because it is very easy to use and caters to all the needs of individuals whenever they want to keep their content unique.

No user can accept your content until and unless you want. Therefore just understand the right steps to get the best possible outcomes as per the efforts you are putting in. If there is any problem with the VLC media player, don’t forget to re-install it.

FAQs: Watermark videos in a VLC media player

Q. Is there any need for a user to purchase any paid application for adding watermarks?

When a VLC media player is available, there is no need for a user to go for any paid application when they wish to add a watermark.

They just need to install the VLC media player on their device and understand how to use it seamlessly. After understanding the procedure that helps them to complete the task, they can easily add the watermark to the videos.

Q. Why is the VLC media player not working?

The major reason the VLC media player show glitches are that it is not successfully installed. At that moment we suggest you install it again.

Q. Is there any other application available for adding watermarks to videos?

On online portals, you will find out numerous applications which are sufficient to add watermarks to videos. But some applications are not reliable, and for some, you need to pay an additional amount.

We suggest, if you are using any other application, check the security of the portal and make sure whether your content is safe on it or not. If all the parameters are fulfilled, then you can simply consider other applications and pay the amount.

Q. What If a user has used my content without seeking permission?

If you have posted a video having your logo or brand name available, and other users have used it without seeking permission, you have the whole right to put a complaint against them. At that moment, they are supposed to remove the video or do things as per the condition.

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