Old composing translated almost hundred years after its revelation - study

Archeologists have found a huge number of Proto-Elamite engravings, 

however something like 40 Linear Elamite records sprinkled all through Iran, making it a lot harder to interpret.

Nonetheless, Prof. Francois Desset of the University of Tehran responded to the call.

Subsequent to running a metallurgical investigation uncovering that the silver vessels date back to 2000 BCE,

the very time that Linear Elamite was being used, Desset started his assessment.

The vessels were "the bonanza" for interpreting Linear Elamite, he said.

As per the review, the vessels address "the most established and most complete instances of Elamite regal engravings in cuneiform."

Pic credit - daily express

They had a place with various rulers from two lines and contained more than adequate material for correlation between the two dialects,

including names of referred to Elamite lords like Šilhaha.