What is Instagrammer Account?

What if you are looking for a friend on Instagram but his name was showing as Instagrammer rather than his real name and when you open it then, you are not able to see any post of that friend.

You may probably think that your friend has blocked you but it is not true you are not being blocked.

“It means, the person has disabled (temporarily deleted) or permanently deleted their Instagram account.”

Disabled or Temporarily Deleted Account

In this scenario, if anyone wants to disable their Instagram account for some particular time period then he/she can do that by choosing the option of disabling the account in settings. This term also called a temporarily deleted account.

What Does Instagrammer Mean

After doing this his/her account will be known as an Instagrammer account for others.

What happens when anyone disables or temporarily deletes their Instagram account?

1. You can still search for him/her but the name will be shown as Instagrammer.

2. You can’t see any posts by him\her when you click on the profile.

3. You may see the followers and following details of that person.

Permanent Deleted Account

In this case, if anyone wants to delete their account permanently then he/she can go to the settings section and choose the option of permanent delete the account.

It will not delete instantly even if you choose the option of permanent delete. Instagram will hold your account for 30 days and till then your account will be shown as Instagrammer account for others.

If you do not revive your account within 30 days then Instagram will delete your all data from their server permanently.

What happens when someone permanently deletes their Instagram account?

1. You can search his/her name but you will see Instagrammer, not the name.

2. This time you can’t see any followers and following details in permanently deleted accounts.

3. You can’t see any posts or pictures of that person.


If You Blocks Someone on Instagram

Some people think they are being blocked by his friend when his/her account shows as Instagrammer. But it’s not true; if anyone will block you then you cannot even find his/her on your search bar.

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What is Blocked Account and What Happens, when you block someone on Instagram?

Let suppose you are fed up with someone on Instagram. Maybe you don’t like him/her by nature and want to not show any of your posts and stories to that person.

You can block that person with some easy steps.

1. Go to his/her profile

2. Click on the 3 dots which are on the top right corner.

3. Now you can see the block option just below the report.

4. Click on the block and confirm.

Now this person is blocked and will not be able to see your profile and activities on Instagram. Instagram will not let him/her know that you have blocked that person. Don’t worry you can unblock that person anytime if your mood changes.


Difference between Blocked account and Instagrammer account

Blocked Account:

1. If someone blocked you then you cannot see his profile on Instagram.

2. You cannot find his/her chat on your chatbox on Instagram.

3. You cannot even found the result if you search him/her on Instagram.

Instagrammer Account:

1. You can see his/her profile but the name will be Instagrammer.

2. All chats may get vanished in the chatbox.

3. You can still find him/her but with the name of Instagrammer and not the real name.


Some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Find below some FAQs.

Q. What is Instagrammer Account

When you see Instagrammer in DM then it simply means someone has disabled or permanently deleted their Instagram account.

Q. Can you message a deactivated Instagram account?

No, you can’t message that person, who has deactivated their Instagram account. If the account is temporarily deactivated and if he/she revives it then only you can access him/her and now you can send direct messages.

Q. Does Instagrammer mean blocked?

No, if you see someone’s account as an Instagrammer, it does not mean that you are being blocked. It simply means, that person either disabled (temporarily deactivated) or permanently deleted their Instagram account.

Q. Will I lose my followers if I deactivate Instagram?

Yes, if you deactivate your Instagram account permanently then Instagram holds your data for 30 days and if you do not revive your account within these days, then Instagram deletes all your data and followers from their server permanently.

Q. Can people see my disabled Instagram account?

Yes, people can see your Instagram account even if you have disabled it. But when they open your account your name will be shown as Instagrammer instead of your name.



Here we have discussed: What Does Instagrammer Mean in Instagram DM and how we can identify you are not blocked by that person.

If you have seen someone as an Instagrammer in your Instagram account and have any issue about it then you can comment us below. Our team will revert to you as soon as possible.

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