Want to create as many credit cards as you want for free? Yes, it’s true, now you can generate credit cards with the use of bins through a website. Namso gives us this opportunity to do so. But before going forward let us know what is CCGEN.

Namso ccgen, like other most preferred credit card generators, is helping users by providing adequate data on credit cards. These numbers on credit cards are randomly created and therefore are verified by algorithms used by cash card generators.

There is a particular section of users that prefers using these cash card generators. We will later find out about them and why they use them.

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What is CCGEN?

When you are a web developer or a programmer, you need various things to check. And in those various things come payment transactions. To check whether they are successfully happening or not, they need credit card numbers. For this, they do not put their own credit card numbers for sure.

What is ccgen?

CC GEN gives you the platform to generate those credit cards for free. Along with developers and programmers, it is also helpful to owners of e-commerce websites.


Namso ccgen generator is a website. specially designed for programmers, e-commerce website owners, and educational purposes. What it does is, it generates random data for credit cards, be it MasterCard or visa. Because of the lack of data, these people go through this website.

What is ccgen

Namso generator CCGEN uses various random numbers that are not owned by any person. So that it can further be used for numerous purposes.

How CCGen Algorithm Work?

Talking about the working of the algorithm, its process is pretty lucid.

With the help of the LUHN algorithm, CCGEN creates some numbers of credit cards. This is to inform you that these numbers are purely random. And do not match any other authentic credit card number. These random credit card numbers are basically based on BIN. Bin stands for bank identification number that is unique for everyone.

This LUHN algorithm is also known as Mod-10. Its main work is to verify those randomly generated numbers. All the errors are analyzed and then it validates the numbers after a thorough checkup.

The result of LUHN’S algorithm result should be zero. If it is not zero. That means there is some error. And that is how the Luhn algorithm is used to validate and authenticate all the numbers.

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How to use ccgen Software?

How to use ccgen S

Fortunately, this premium CCGEN can be used by anyone. You have to follow the given steps to use the same-

  • First of all, observe all the numbers that are written on the original cards and how they are distributed.
  • The BIN numbers are the first six numbers written on the card. It is also known as the issuer’s ID number. This number never changes. Every bank or financial organization, while providing you with debit cards, keeps this number the same.
  • Now next comes the number of the cardholder. So the next eight numbers are reserved for this same purpose.
  • The last digit depicts the authenticity of the number, so it is also known as a check number.

One has to put one’s banker’s identification number(BIN) before starting the process. Once you enter the same number, you can start generating random credit card numbers. For this, tap the generate card button.

Is CCGen Legal to use?

Now the most common question that can arise in a user’s mind is whether ccgen bin generators are legal to use or not. And the question is obvious to arise after a lot of fire about these CCGEN. See, the Namso CCGEN is the best ccgn in the market right now when we talk about the data provided.

The main motive of credit card generators is to help developers and e-commerce site owners check the site. So checking or testing the sites is a completely legal process. But if these numbers are used for some fraudulent activity, then undoubtedly it becomes illegal.

But this is to assure you that the Namso CCGEN is completely safe to use and ensures the best services.

Why People Use CCGen

As we have discussed earlier, ccgen checkers or generators have various purposes. And among these are providing data to developers, programmers, and the owners of e-commerce websites owners. As they need to test the sites on which they are working, they need credit card numbers for that.

 Namso CCGEN makes sure that the credit card numbers are not used for any fraudulent activity. Also, the banker’s identity number(BIN) is needed while generating the number and continuing the process.

Wrap Up

Credit card generators or CCGEN work on a simple algorithm. They generate a random number that is entirely unique on its own. These generators make sure that the numbers do not match with some other authentic credit card number.

For making the randomly generated credit card more real, you can also add a name to it. These software and websites are made with the sole purpose of providing necessary data. to educators and website developers. So they follow a full legit process and own legitimacy. We hope that until now you must have understood what is CCGEN and how it works.