The iPhone comes with some extraordinary features, and there is no doubt that people are really happy with them.

But they face difficulties when they come across all these different features regularly.

Here we are going to discuss how you can change the clock position on your iPhone in detail.

We all know that the clock position on the iPhone is still. Users should also look out for some methods that may be helpful for them in changing that out.

If you are an iPhone user and are looking forward to changing the clock position, you are on the right page. 

Here we will discuss the best methods that will help you preposition the lock screen clock on your iPhone easily. However, make certain that you follow the correct steps because if you do not, the same will not occur.

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Manual Method

Primarily, users are on the lookout for the manual methods available. The manual methods allow the user to relocate the position of the clock on their own.

How to Change iPhone Time Setting

For the same reason, let’s have a look at the essential steps. These are as follows:

  • First, move to the settings on your iPhone and scroll to the general settings.
  • When you move to general settings, you will find the date and time option. Click on the same.
  • A menu with different controls and all the essential settings available for the clock application on your iPhone will appear. You can simply select them and make the changes. 
  • There is a slider available on the set automatically option and this helps you change the time region and date.
  • There is an in-built feature on the iPhone that detects the clock on its own. When you close it, the same will not happen, and you can simply set up the position as per your choice.

How to Change iPhone Time Setting:

Adjusting the iPhone clock setting will also help you have better access to time.

Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution available to change the position of the iPhone clock, but you can simply switch the format between the 12-hour clock format and the 24-hour clock format.

The majority of people prefer to have a 24-hour clock format because it allows them to better track timings and make plans accordingly.

The best thing is that the understanding is simpler than expected. Sometimes people get confused between am and pm, but after setting up the military clock timings, this will not happen.

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Changing the Clock Position on the Lock Screen:

According to the default feature of the iPhone, the clock on the lock screen display is in the middle.

It is permanent, and users can change the wallpaper to enhance the view. Thanks to the new features, right now, users can change the time according to the transitions from a live screen to a lock screen.

The main reason people look for ways to change their wallpaper is that it allows them to keep track of time and eliminates the need for them to stare at the same screen for extended periods of time.

A user can easily set up their favorite design or a photo on the lock screen, which enhances the viewability. But make sure that you are not setting the clock with light colors because it will make it difficult for you to have access to time.

Frequently Asked QnA: Change Clock Position on iPhone

How to change time settings?

Some simple steps are there that users need to follow whenever they are looking to change iPhone time settings. This can be done by entering the general settings on your device at any time for sure, When you visit the general settings on your phone, there is a date and time option available, and from there you can simply select the option and make the changes.

Things to know about different settings you can change on your iPhone clock?

With so many features, the iPhone clock app offers a lot to change. There are a number of different settings the user can pick from to personalize their preferred setting.

There are various settings that users can change on their iPhone clock app, such as:

  • Alarm hours
  • Alarm minutes
  • Time and date can be digital or analog.
  • Time zones (time zone offset)

Why do you need to set your iPhone clock?

Many people do not know the importance of setting their iPhone clock because it is a small task that they have already taken for granted.

Setting your iPhone clock can help you save your battery life. It also allows you to never miss an important event again by reminding you about the time in advance.

If you are looking for tips to improve your iPhone’s battery life, set your phone’s clock to allow the device to sleep when not in use.

Way to Set Up a New Time Zone for your device

Well, setting up a new time zone on your iPhone can be dealt with using simple steps. “How to Set Up a New Time Zone for iPhone” will show you how to change the time zone of your device in different ways.

  • First of all, open the clock app on your device.
  • Find the screen where you can choose between time zones for each device type (called “Region”).
  • Select the desired region by tapping on it and then tap “Done.” You’ll then see your new time zone in place of the previous one.

Just apply the changes and be ready to have a glimpse of the screen as you wanted.

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Final Words

Here we have shared all the possible steps that will be helpful for you in changing the iPhone clock.

Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution to changing the position, so don’t try to install any third-party application to do the same.

If you install third-party applications, chances are your iPhone will not detect them, and jailbreaking for the same may be required.

In most cases, it has been seen that people who try to jailbreak their devices have encountered malicious files that have an impact on their personal data as well.

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